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Need Home Insurance Claims Advice - Call Insurance Claim SolutionsHome insurance claims relate to losses due to Fire and Smoke Damage, Flooding, Burst pipe, Storm and Lightning Damage, Subsidence or Burglary that occurred in your private home.

If you are unsure how to assess your loss, worried about speaking to the insurance company directly, don’t know what you can claim for or need home insurance claim advice, call us.

We are Public Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Experts, with many years of home insurance claims handling experience. We operate on your behalf, not the insurance company’s. We have helped many home owners get a full compensation for their loss. We know what insurance companies are looking for and where they are trying to cut the corners.

As experienced Loss Assessors and qualified Building Surveyors, we can uncover secondary damages to your home, you might not even be aware of. These damages you probably would not claim for as they would only surface months after your claim has been settled and closed.

Need Home Insurance Claims Advice? We Can Help…

Home Insurance Claims - Insurance Claim FormExperiencing damage to your home and personal belonging is very distressing. We can take away the burden of dealing with your insurers and manage the entire claim process on your behalf. As part of our fee, we will:

  • notify your insurer about the loss
  • prepare a full schedule of the damage and arrange quotations for repair/replacement
  • meet with the Loss Adjuster to show the full extent of the damage to your home
  • fill out the claim form with all supporting documentation required by your insurer
  • present and negotiate the claim with your insurers
  • reach the most favourable settlement figure
  • ensure speedy payout

As our fee is the percentage of your settlement, we have a good incentive to get you the full compensation you are entitled to.

We work exclusively on NO WIN – NO FEE basis, so you don’t have to pay a cent until you have been paid by the insurers.

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Insurance Claim Solutions is a registered and regulated insurance claim loss assessor. If you have suffered a financial loss – then contact us today to ensure you receive the best possible financial outcome.