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The rebuild cost of your property is NOT the same as its market value. Don’t guess and gamble with your insurance, or you may be shortchanged when you have to claim. We offer accurate rebuild cost valuations of your home or business by a Chartered Building Surveyor with extensive insurance experience. Call us for more information.



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Why it is so important to have an accurate assessment of the rebuild cost of your home or business for insurance purposes?

Insurance companies have recently tightened up their rules and many businesses and homeowners have been left out of pocket when they received their insurance claim payout. Practically all insurance companies now apply an average clause to determine the amount they are going to pay when settling a claim.

What it means, in plain language, is that the payment for any loss or damage will be in proportion to the value insured and the cost of replacing or rebuilding your property.


So if the cost of rebuilding your home or replacing your business asset is €200,000 and you were only insured for €100,000, when your office, factory or house burns down, you will only be paid €50,000, as the insurance company assumes that you were taking the risk yourself for the other 50% of the asset value.

In the case of a business, if you have underestimated the losses from a trade disruption, your insurance claim settlement may be insufficient to rebuild your business and start trading again.

When you take out an insurance policy, never underestimate the rebuilding cost of your property to lower your premiums. You will just receive a much smaller compensation in case of loss. This is particularly important for businesses. Your total Sum Insured needs to include the value of your potential trading losses, supply chain disruption, the value of your stock, and potential devaluation of your business.

For the sake of saving a couple of Euros on your insurance premium, you are putting yourself at a major risk of losing a lot of money in case of any damage to your property.

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