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Business Insurance Claims

At Insurance Claim Solutions, we understand that dealing with insurance claims can often be a daunting process. That’s where we step in as Dublin’s leading loss assessor, offering you comprehensive support and guidance at every stage of your claim.

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Business Insurance Claims

Business claims can be difficult to assess, time consuming to manage and take a long time to pay out .

Insurers can take time to investigate a commercial claim and their priority is to reduce the insurer’s liability, not to help the business owner.

For you, every day and every cent counts. Material damages are not your only worry; there is also a loss of profits d and a strong possibility of losing clients who will go to your competitors, if they can’t get service or products from you.

In cases like this, it is vital to assess your claim as soon as possible and to get you back in the saddle before your clients venture elsewhere.

Commercial claims can also be really complex. They often involve a careful assessment of the secondary damage, reduction in value,  stock damage, loss of records, and the estimated losses due to business interruption.

Then there are negotiations of interim payments and the final settlement, claiming for the loss of earnings or increased cost of working (i.e. alternative manufacturing or warehousing) and many other complexities you are unlikely to be even aware of.

It is therefore advisable that you don’t try to handle the business claim yourself, but contact an experienced claim manager or a loss assessor.

Tailored Solutions for Every Insurance Claim

Business Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance Claim Solutions have the professional expertise to help you interpret the small print in your insurance policy and correctly assess the damages for which you are entitled to claim.

As we are not just Loss Assessors, but also qualified Building Surveyors, we can easily uncover secondary damages, whether they are caused by smoke, water or activities performed to extinguish the fire or stop more extensive damage to property.

Secondary damages may not be immediately obvious, but can surface months after your claim has been processed and your file closed.

Once the extend of your cover has been established, we can provide solutions in the short term, whilst your business gets back on its feet. We understand that interim payments are essential to keep cash flowing and the business moving.

Insurance Claim Solutions are experienced negotiators, so we can move your business claim forward without unnecessary confrontation. We can also usually get a much higher settlement than you could by managing the claim yourself.

Browse through this website and learn more about our claims assistance for the following types of business claims:

We have tried to provide a simplistic overview of our claim management process, but in reality, the devil is in the detail, as each claim is different.

We take care of the entire claim management process, from completing the paperwork and submitting the claim to meeting with the Loss Adjuster, negotiating the settlement, helping you secure temporary premises, organising clean-up and repairs, and ensuring a speedy payout.

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