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Water Damage Insurance Claims

At Insurance Claim Solutions, we understand that dealing with insurance claims can often be a daunting process. That’s where we step in as Dublin’s leading loss assessor, offering you comprehensive support and guidance at every stage of your claim.

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Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage can happen rapidly from a burst pipe, a leaking water tank, or a storm-damaged roof, or it can happen slowly over time from a leaking pipe or an appliance.

With a burst pipe the immediate damage is fairly obvious and, if remedied quickly, might not have spread too far.  On the other hand, leaking pipes can cause much more serious damage, well away from the actual leak.

An underfloor leak can cause damp, rotting skirting boards, destroy the carpets and encourage fungus and mould growth.

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What should you do if your property has water damage?

If your property or business has been damaged by water and you are considering making a claim, your first call should be to us.

As we are claim experts working exclusively on behalf of you, the policy holder, it is critical to get the damage assessed independently, before your claim is presented to your insurers.

We can carry out an immediate survey, document the damage, advise on damage limitation and notify your insurance company or broker.

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