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Oil Leak / Oil Spill Damage Insurance Claims

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Oil Leak / Oil Spill Damage Insurance Claims

An oil leak or oil spill can cause a lot of damage, often much of it unseen and can even affect the structure of the house and the health of the occupants. Escaped oil can pollute soil, underground water and building structures. Fuel oil is also combustible and if not cleaned properly it can be a fire hazard.

Skin contact with oil can cause acute irritation and inhaling fumes over a prolonged period can cause many different health problems.

Quick intervention to repair any leaks and carry out a professional clean up are essential both to minimise and contain the contamination and to minimise costs.

Doing the “clean-up” immediately will minimise damage both to your property and the environment. Many things can be cleaned but soaked soil and brickwork may have to be disposed of professionally.

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Oil Spill or Oil Seepage on your property

Oil Seepage and Long-Term Oil Leaks

Slow leaks in tanks or pipework and fitting can go unseen for a long time. They may only be noticed because your fuel does not last as long as it used to, or there is a smell of oil on a sunny day.

Oil seepage damage is harder to deal with as the oil could have contaminated a lot of ground. If your boiler is in or near your house, the oil could have soaked into the brickwork and foundations of the building. This can involve extensive and expensive remedial work.

  • switch off your oil supply at the tank
  • if you can do so safely try to find out where the leak is coming from
  • put a bucket under dripping oil
  • use an absorbent material such as earth, sand, cat litter to stop the oil spreading especially if near a drain or open water source
  • Never use detergent and a hose to wash the oil away, you are only spreading the contamination and causing further damage

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