How to Prevent Burst Pipes and Avoid Water Damage

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Example of frost damaged pipeThe cold weather is upon us and every year we help policyholders affected by water damage caused by freezing and burst pipes.

The damaged pipework is, in the main, a small issue. The major loss usually resultants from water damage caused once pipes thaw out and water escapes from damaged the pipework. We have seen claims ranging from €2,500 – €100,000 following frost damage to pipework.

In order to avoid damage to your home or business due to burst pipes, we have put together some tips based on our experience.

Avoid  Burst Pipes and Water Damage

1. Be sure to turn off your water if away from your property for a prolonged period. This will prevent excess water leaking into your home following a pipe leak

2. Install a heater in attic space or heat bulb to protect pipework and tanks or leave attic hatch open to allow heat to enter insulated loft space.

3. If you are away keep your heating on intermittently on low temperature to avoid freezing pipes.

4. Ensure any pipes in your attic space or unheated areas are well lagged.

5. If you suffer a burst pipe locate the stopcock and turn off water mains immediately and call a plumber.

6. If you are away get a neighbour to check property every day, the sooner a problem is spotted the less damage that ensues.



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