Fire Claim | Electrical Fault Causes Fire To A House in Northern Ireland

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Fire Claim | Electrical Fault Causes Fire To A House in Northern Ireland

Fire Claim | Faulty electrics are extremely dangerous as they can easily set the house on fire. Insurance Claim Solutions received a call from a distressed home owner in Northern Ireland informing that he had suffered fire damage to his home.

Luckily the damage affected only part of the building and some of the contents, and the occupants were safe, though shaken after this incident. The home owner managed to extinguish the fire quite quickly, therefore preventing more damage from occurring.
fire claim - burnt electrical boxHouse fire claim - burnt electrics

ICS Loss Assessor helps with fire claim

ICS Loss Assessor carried out detailed survey within hours of the initial call. The fire caused extensive damage to the sitting room ceiling, plasterwork, carpets, curtains, TV, electrical distribution unit and associated wiring. Professional cleaning and redecoration was also required throughout the property due to staining and discolouration of walls and ceilings.

ICS Loss Assessor determined immediately that the fault that caused the fire was located on the wiring coming into the electricity meter.

In general the wiring leading up to the meter from the supply is owned by the network and this was the case. The electric supply companies were to be held liable for this fire and it was nothing to do with our clients domestic electrical system.

We met with the power authorities representatives and ensured that they admitted their liability and they will be responsible for the repairs. This meant that our client did not have to claim for the damage from his own insurance policy and that his no claim bonus was protected.


The client received their payment and they are now in process of rebuilding their life. They were glad they called Insurance Claim Solutions  as they received their full entitlement.

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