Who pays for a loss assessor? | Total Guide | ICS

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One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “Who pays for a loss assessor?”. Unlike an insurance adjuster, a loss assessor is paid by the claimant, the fees will invariably be taken as a % of the overall and eventual payout from the subsequent successful claim.  Although they serve a somewhat similar purpose […]

How much does a loss assessor cost? | Complete Guide 2023

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Dealing with insurance claims can be confusing, but hiring a loss assessor could help maximise your payout, this article explains what loss assessors cost, who they are, when you may need one, how they can assist with claims, what they typically charge, and answers common questions about their services. We’ll also introduce Insurance Claim Solutions, […]

Chartered Building Surveyors Guide to Fire and Smoke Damage

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To correctly assess Fire and Smoke Damage and determine the level of remediation required for the building, we must first clarify the type of fire that has occurred. This is important as the contaminants caused by smoke are entirely dependent on the materials burnt, fuel available, timeframe, temperatures reached, building construction methods and building materials.  […]

Underinsurance – A Risk You Can and Should Avoid !

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Property underinsurance is the most significant risk facing insurance brokers and policyholders in 2023. Research shows us that over 85% of buildings are not insured for the correct amount, leaving policyholders at risk of losing tens, even hundreds of thousands of Euros in the event of a loss. The easiest way to ensure that you recover […]

Commercial Fire 3D Scanning for Property Insurance Claims

Our team were onsite today capturing 3d data of a large commercial fire. We got the call on Monday morning from the policyholder’s Insurance broker and were onsite by lunchtime conducting our initial damage assessment. The use of modern technology on large and complex losses allows us to collate more comprehensive and accurate claims, reduce […]

Trainee Loss Assessor Required

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Trainee Loss Assessor Required Insurance Claim Solutions are looking to recruit a Graduate Building Surveyor or Quantity Surveyor to join our team as a Trainee Property Loss Assessor. Role Requirements The successful candidate should have the following attributes; Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Resourceful problem solver Excellent customer service Ambitious and eager for […]

Court Rules against FBD in Covid-19 Claim

Covid 19

Covid 19 Business Interruption Claim In a landmark decision regarding Covid 19 Business Interruption Claims, Mr Justice Denis McDonald found that an insurance policy sold by FBD covered losses the pubs sustained by having to close due to the global health emergency. This is excellent news for FBD Business Policyholders as they can now start […]

Understanding your Home Insurance Policy

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Understanding your Home Insurance Policy The purchase of a new home is likely to be your biggest investment and possible liability so purchasing property insurance to ensure that you are safeguarded no matter what may occur to your home is essential. However, we know that  insurance companies’ terminology can be confusing and intimidating. Therefore, we […]

Help – My property has been damaged. What do I do now?

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Home and business owners generally wonder where exactly does the insurance claims process begins and exactly how can they find a resolution to the damage that has occurred. Property insurance claims and the insurance claim process can be quite intimidating. And that is precisely where the help of an expert loss assessor comes into play. […]

Tips for Preventing Grain Dryer Fires on Irish Farms

Grain Dryer fire

Huge Tractors, Giant Combines and Flashing Beacons can mean only one thing, its that time of year again, late summer when Irish Farmers set about harvesting their summer crops and transporting them to bulk storage in preparation for drying. Grain dryer fires are one of the most significant risks a grain handling operation can face. […]