Court Rules against FBD in Covid-19 Claim

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Covid 19

Covid 19 Business Interruption Claim

Covid 19In a landmark decision regarding Covid 19 Business Interruption Claims, Mr Justice Denis McDonald found that an insurance policy sold by FBD covered losses the pubs sustained by having to close due to the global health emergency.

This is excellent news for FBD Business Policyholders as they can now start quantifying their BI Losses.

Many FBD Insured Publicans have retained insurance Claim Solutions to represent their interests and advocate on their behalf. We are providing expert claims management and assistance with their Covid 19 Business Interruption Claims, and we know what needs to be done to help business owners secure their maximum compensation under the terms of the insurance policy.

We have also helped our clients secure immediate substantial interim payments to tide them over and provide some respite until total costs are quantified; on average most interim payments are with our clients within 5-7 days from the request.

If you are struggling with understanding your policy and entitlements, or are unsure if you are covered or not, get in touch for a complimentary assessment. One of our Business Interruption Specialists will review your case and advise you regarding a claim.

When appointed, ICS will expertly manage your claim, represent your interests, request an immediate interim payment and secure your maximum compensation in the shortest time frame.

As we are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and are Business Interruption experts, you know you are in safe hands!

*** Beware of claim companies set up exclusively to handle BI claims- fees are reported to be upwards of 40% ******

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