How much does a loss assessor cost? | Complete Guide 2023

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Dealing with insurance claims can be confusing, but hiring a loss assessor could help maximise your payout, this article explains what loss assessors cost, who they are, when you may need one, how they can assist with claims, what they typically charge, and answers common questions about their services. We’ll also introduce Insurance Claim Solutions, an experienced loss assessor firm based in Dublin.

Whether you’ve suffered property damage from a flood or fire, or need help negotiating a complex claim, understanding loss assessors could prove invaluable in getting the settlement you deserve. Read on to learn more about how these independent experts level the playing field against insurers and relieve stress during the claims process.

What is a loss assessor?

A loss assessor is an independent expert you can hire to handle your insurance claim on your behalf. They work solely for you, not the insurance company. Their role is to help ensure you receive the maximum payout you’re entitled to under your policy.

Loss assessors are most useful for complex or high-value claims where there is a risk you could be underpaid if you handled it yourself.

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How can a loss assessor help?

Here are some of the key ways a loss assessor can help with your claim:

A loss assessor can guide you through the claims process and ensure you don’t miss anything you’re entitled to. Having an expert manage the paperwork and negotiations can take a lot of stress and uncertainty out of the process.

They will fight your corner and negotiate the best possible settlement amount from your insurer. Their expertise and experience can prove invaluable when navigating large or complicated claims.

A loss assessor will take the stress out of dealing with insurers and paperwork yourself. Handing it off to a professional can give valuable peace of mind.

They can cover additional costs like temporary accommodation that you may not have thought of. Their knowledge helps maximise what you can claim.

Loss assessors can arrange repairs and replacements using approved contractors. This takes the hassle out of finding tradespeople yourself.

Should I hire a loss assessor?

You may want to consider hiring a loss assessor if:

  • Your claim is large or complicated e.g. due to a house fire or flood.
  • You don’t feel confident negotiating with insurers yourself.
  • You want to reduce stress by having an expert handle it for you.

It’s less common to use a loss assessor for small, straightforward claims. But they can still help maximise your payout if you’re unsure about the process.

So how much does a loss assessor cost?

Loss assessors in Ireland have only one way of charging for their services and this is to take a % fee from the ultimate payout of the claim. The % will differ depending on who you choose to use, if you are unsure of what charges you will incur, then simply contact Insurance Claim Solutions today for a free no no-obligation quotation. In our experience insurance companies, like any commercial enterprise work in their own best interest, so hiring a loss assessor at a % fee, will invariably result in a higher net amount for the claimant.

If you decide to use an alternative provider then a good rule of thumb is that the amount should be around 10%.

Any loss assessor fees should come out of your eventual payout, not on top. But always clarify the fee structure upfront.

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FAQs about loss assessors

Should I tell my insurer if I hire one?

electrical damage insurnance claim

Yes, you must inform them if you appoint a loss assessor, even though they work for you.

Should I tell my insurer if I hire one?

how to deal with an insurance adjuster after a house fire

Yes, you must inform them if you appoint a loss assessor, even though they work for you.

When should I hire one?

iFire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Ideally at the start of the claims process for maximum benefit. But you can bring one in at any point if you’re unhappy with how your claim is progressing.

Can they help with all insurance claims?

Can You Claim on House Insurance for a Leaking Roof?

Loss assessors specialise in property insurance claims e.g. home, contents, and buildings. They typically don’t handle car, pet or travel insurance.

What does a loss assessor cost?

Can I Claim on Insurance for a Fallen Tree?

A loss assessor cost will typically be a % fee of the overall payout, but in reality, a non-insurance selected loss assessor will increase the overall payout, essentially (in some/most cases rendering their “cost” mute)

Loss assessors in Dublin

Insurance Claim Solutions are an experienced firm of chartered surveyors & regulated loss assessors based in Dublin. They work with both domestic and commercial clients on property insurance claims Ireland-wide.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote and to see how they can maximise your payout.

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Insurance Claim Solutions is a registered and regulated insurance claim loss assessor. If you have suffered a financial loss – then contact us today to ensure you receive the best possible financial outcome.