Help – My property has been damaged. What do I do now?

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Malicious damage

Home and business owners generally wonder where exactly does the insurance claims process begins and exactly how can they find a resolution to the damage that has occurred.

Property insurance claims and the insurance claim process can be quite intimidating. And that is precisely where the help of an expert loss assessor comes into play.

A public loss assessor will ensure that you receive the proper support and compensation for your claim.

There are two ways to handle your insurance claim following a loss:

1. You can deal with the insurance company yourself:

  • You submit your claim.
    After loss or damage that has occurred to your property, it’s essential to contact your insurer as soon as practically possible. Your insurer will set up a claim and allocate a loss adjuster to handle the interests of the insurance company.
  • The loss adjuster visits your home/business to investigate the claim.
    At this inspection, they’ll scrutinise policy conditions and wordings to form their opinion on the cover and ascertain any exclusions/limitations that may apply to your policy.
    The adjuster will review the loss, or with more straightforward claims, images and videos are used to review virtually. This information gathered at this inspection is generally used to calculate your claim settlement offer.
  • Your insurer approves or denies the claim, and comes up with the settlement offer.
    After inspection, the insurer either agrees or denies the claim. They then come up with their settlement figure based on your submitted quotes and their interpretation of the scope of the loss.
  • You close your claim.
    After all of the repairs are complete, and all compensation received, the claim is officially closed.

2. You appoint a public loss assessor to handle the claim  on your behalf and protect your interests

  • During on-site inspections, the loss assessor will take all measurements of the areas affected.
  • He may also use specialist equipment to locate the source of the damage that has been caused by the incident. (
  • With the development of technological equipment, it has enabled the loss assessor to enhance the detail of the claims and to ensure that every last fine detail is included in the report to the insurer and document the findings for presentation to the loss adjuster.
  • After the survey, a report is created by the loss assessor. The loss assessor provides all essential information to the loss adjusters and will professionally present your case comprehensively and fully complete. Thus ensuring that the inspection and estimate resembles a fair market value for the damage suffered.
  • The role of the loss assessor is to work exclusively for you, the claimant, and ensure that you receive the best possible compensation for your claim in the shortest possible time frame. Appointing a loss assessor may have a significant impact on the amount of compensation you receive from your insurance company.

My insurance company has appointed a loss adjuster, why would I appoint an independent loss assessor, are they not the same?

Insurance Loss Adjustor

  • A public loss assessor is similar to an insurance loss adjuster – with one significant difference, a loss assessor is hired by the insured/policyholder and works exclusively to represent your best interests, not the interests of your insurance company.
  • Consider the loss assessor your new best friend who has your best interests at heart.
  • Public loss assessors have vast experience with analysing insurance policies and inspecting property damage from a goal and perspective of genuinely obtaining the best and most comprehensive claim settlement, so policyholders can fully restore or repair damaged property.
  • When using a Public loss assessor for a property damage claim, it is advantageous to have the Public loss assessor present at the first inspection with the insurance company’s adjuster. This will reduce the likelihood of disagreements, the damage being overlooked, and reduces the need for scheduling a second inspection.


What does the Public Loss Assessor do during the survey inspection?

When the loss assessor visits your property, you should expect them to follow a set of prescribed guidelines, as set out below;

  • Insurance policy reviewCarry out a detailed survey of the damaged building, its fixtures and fittings, and contents.
    The assessor is doing this to ensure that the damage is legitimate and to seek the full extent of the loss that has occurred. The benefits of modern-day technology enable the assessor to have a full view of the area and to use devices to take photos and document the loss.
  • Damaged or Destroyed items- The loss assessor will seek a list of all of the things that have been damaged, and it’s extremely important for you to ensure that you don’t throw away any of the damaged goods and to keep receipts of the purchases of the goods. By doing this, it enables the assessor to build a more detailed case for the insurance company presentation.
  • Check for Structural damage, the loss assessor, if he/she is a Building Surveyor, will check if the structure has been affected. The loss assessor will take an overall inspection of the construction methods of the building to gain more knowledge, and help detail the claim. It is very similar to a Crime Scene Investigation, except nobody is featuring in a television series!
  • The loss assessor will then prepare, compile, and formulate the cost schedules, present them to your insurance company, and secure your best settlement terms.
  • If you want the quickest, most comprehensive, and stress-free claim process, the appointing of a regulated and experienced insurance loss assessor is the ‘smart persons’ choice.

Let me take care of the stress, the hassle, and the uncertainty, by walking with you through the process and showing you the proven path to claim settlement.


Property Damage Claims Experts

Insurance Claim Solutions provide public loss assessor services and insurance claim help to both home and business owners in county Dublin and other parts of Ireland.

We offer Insurance Policy Cover Review to ensure that you are not at risk of under insurance, and work as partners to insurance brokers, who want to provide their clients with the best possible claim management services.

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Insurance Claim Solutions is a registered and regulated insurance claim loss assessor. If you have suffered a financial loss – then contact us today to ensure you receive the best possible financial outcome.