Underground Pipe Leak In A Home In South Dublin

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damage caused by leaking central heating pipe

Underground Pipe Leak In A Home In South Dublin

Underground pipe leakUnderground Pipe Leak Claim | In early January 2016 we were asked to carry out a site survey on suspicion that there might be an underground pipe leak somewhere.

The call came from a home owner in the South Dublin on the recommendation from the home owner’s neighbour, who had used ICS services a few years previously.

The home owner and his wife noticed various large damp patches on some of the internal walls. The timber floors and skirting boards began to cup and buckle and pull away from the walls and floors. At first they suspected that their radiator was leaking, but they could not find the source.

Heating system – Underground pipe leak

ICS surveyed the property and observed that most of the plaster was damaged, the stud partitions had been saturated and were beginning to break down, the skirting boards and floor coverings were also compromised.
We checked the heating system and discovered that the pipework was gun barrel and it had reached the end of its life. ICS Loss Assessor commissioned a pressure test on the heating system, which confirmed that the underground pipe has developed a leak.

He carried extensive testing of materials to establish the extend of damage.  The tests revealed that the concrete sub-floor and block work walls were all saturated with water and required extensive drying and water extraction.

ICS Loss Assessor documented and photographed the full extent of the damaged areas and reported the claim to insurers. He then met on site with the loss adjuster to show the evidence of the damage and ensure that the homeowners’ interest was protected.
Underground leak Underground pipe leakUnderfloor central heating pipes damage caused by leaking central heating pipe

As always with these types of claims the insurers came back with a low settlement offer and we had to work hard to ensure that our clients got a full compensation for their loss.

After a couple of rounds of negotiations and a number of site visits, we secured the best possible settlement terms.


Benefits of employing ICS Loss Assessor to manage the claim

In this case the damage was caused by an underground pipe leak in a solid floor, no cascading water, just a gradual rise in dampness.

By hiring ICS the homeowner managed to receive the best settlement terms and get the property reinstated to a condition that surpassed the pre-loss condition. Whilst carrying out the repairs the homeowner upgraded the heating system, insulated the walls, laid new floors and carried out total re-decoration.

If you would like ICS Loss Assessor to help you with your claim, or you know someone who could benegit from our expertise, call Trevor on 086 357 1713.

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