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car park fire damage claim We have recently managed a business insurance claim involving extensive fire damage to an underground car park in the South of Dublin.

Garda investigation revealed that the fire was a result of malicious damage caused by a number of intruders, who entered the building tampering with the main gates, and set 2 cars on fire.

The management company in charge of the property contacted Insurance Claim Solutions on recommendation from another local management company, who used us to manage a similar insurance claim in the past.


Extensive fire damage to the underground car park in the South of Dublin

Business Insurance Fire Claim | car park damaged by fireextensive fire damage to car park car park fire damage Dublin South car park damaged by fire

We surveyed the site and found out that the fire had generated extensive heat and smoke causing thermal and smoke damage to  a number of surfaces.

The insulation on the underside of the roof had been burned and smoke damaged beyond repair, the electrical wiring and light fittings, fire alarm cabling and sensors and plumbing system had been fire damaged.

The entire car park was heavily contaminated with smoke and soot. Further investigation found that structural elements such as concrete columns, floor screed, steel beams and walkways were also damaged.  ICS Loss Assessor, Trevor Kelly, who is also a qualified Building Surveyor,  was able to assess not only the cosmetic damage to the building, but also the structural damage. He reported the claim to insurers via the client’s insurance broker and requested that a loss adjuster be appointed without a delay.

As the next step in our claim management process, he met with loss adjusters and their specialists a number times on site in order to point out the full extend of the damage and agree the full schedule of works.

After formulating and submitting the claim, backed by extensive documentation of the damage,  he entered into a number of rounds of negotiation which resulted in receiving the best possible settlement for our clients.

The claim was very technical in nature, so Trevor’s experience as a building surveyors was integral to the successful negotiation and settlement agreement. Our clients were delighted with the outcome. More information on the benefits of using a public loss assessor to assess your loss and manage your business insurance claim can be found in ICS Services page.

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