Testimonial for Trevor Kelly by Joe Hearty

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We made a smoke damage insurance claim in late November 2010. The chimney flue lining cracked and we had smoke leaking from the chimney into the back bedroom. Smoke damage was quite substantial.

My insurance broker put me in touch with Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessor – Trevor Kelly . He came around to have a look at the damage and I was very impressed with him. Trevor took it from there and we just sat back and let it happen.

Trevor looked after it all. He dealt with the insurance company and they got the builders in to do the work.

The repair work was a fairly big job. They had to break into the chimney breast in the living room and in the attic, take out the old flue lining and put a new one in. Then the bedroom needed to be repainted and the sitting room needed to be wallpapered again.

Trevor collected all the facts and figures and sent that on to the insurance company. In fact, he looked after everything, we didn’t have to do anything.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Insurance Claim Solutions?
We had no hassle about anything, Trevor did it all. I wouldn’t have had any idea about where to start.

Would you recommend Insurance Claim Solutions to others?

I would strongly recommend Trevor to others. In fact, I already have.

Joe Hearty from Terenure

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