ICS Claim Management Process | Flood Damage Example

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Flooded Street

ICS Claim Management Process | Flood Damage Example

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It is difficult to speak about a sample ICS claim management process as the devil is in the detail and each claim is different. However, if you would like to know what happens after you appoint ICS Loss Assessor to manage your insurance claim, below is an example of the steps we may take:

  • As soon as you have notified us about your loss, our experienced Loss Assessor will examine your policy. He will advise you on the extend of your cover, whether there are any applicable exclusions, conditions and other clauses that may effect the amount of settlement you receive for your claim.
  • He will photograph all damages, including potential secondary damage (e.g. from water, smoke, subsidence etc) and complete a full on site survey. The survey may include various tests that will help him uncover potential damage your property which may not be immediately obvious. On commercial policies, he will calculate the loss of business interruption.
  • Your loss assessor will check whether there is any structural damage to your property and he will make sure that it is safe to occupy it.
  • He will then complete all paperwork which includes a claim form and all supporting documentation.
  • The Loss Assessor will then liaise with your insurers and discuss the claim with the Loss Adjuster appointed by them.
  • He will  meet with Loss Adjuster on site to agree the scope for repairs and make sure that all potential damages have been reported and properly assessed.
  • After meeting with the Loss Adjuster, your Loss Assessor will notify a recommended flood restoration company, so they can commence drying and cleaning process.
  • If required, he will liaise with contractors and other professionals to get you the best repair quotes.
  • The Loss Assessor will then negotiate a settlement with your insurance company to ensure you are fully compensated for the damages caused by the flood.
  • If applicable and required,  he will request an interim payment, so the restoration work can be started without a delay.
  • You receive your payment from your insurers.
  • You pay our fee. Because we work exclusively on a No Win – No Fee principle, if you for whatever reason receive no compensation, you pay us nothing.

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