Lightning strike - lightning damageLightning damage is comparatively rare in Ireland, but it happens a couple of times each year. Lightning strike presents three main hazards to your property:

  • A building struck by lightning can catch fire, smoulder or explode.
  • Power surge caused by lightning, can damage your electronic equipment and telephones incl. TVs, modems, computers  and other even non-electronic devices.
  • The shock wave that lightning creates can easily fracture concrete, brick and stone. Brick and stone chimneys are commonly damaged by lightning. Lightning can even blow out plaster walls, shatter glass and crack foundations,

Lightning Damage facts

  •  The centre of a lightning strike leading edge is 20 times hotter then the
    centre of the sun
  • A typical lightning strike contains 1 billion volts and contains between 10,000 to
    200,000 amps of current
  • The average flash would light a 100 watt light bulb for 3 months
  • Number of lightning strikes a day on planet earth: 8 million
  • Certain damage to property, caused by lightning, may not be immediately obvious


Lightning Damage To Property – Insurance Claim Case Study

Lightning damage claim Dublin - damaged roofInsurance Claim Solutions received a call from a distressed client following a violent lightening strike to her family home.

The property is a semi detached 2-storey house located in south Dublin and   suffered extensive damage following a lightening strike.

The lightening had struck and exploded the chimney breast completely; the debris and impact caused extensive damage to the roof covering and left the roof with gaping holes. As the roof is shared with a neighbour, we were instructed to handle both claims through different insurance companies and different loss adjusters.

ICS appointment came following a referral of an old friend of the owner who had previously engaged our services. ICS carried out a full survey within a couple of hours and we found very early into our survey that the damage was more extensive than originally feared.

ICS recommended the appointment of technical specialists to ascertain the full extent of the loss. ICS in conjunction with the policyholder engaged an electrical engineer, chimney expert and structural engineer to assist us in preparation of reports to establish the full quantification of the loss.

The findings

 Lightning damage claim Dublin - damaged roof 2The damage to the roof was so extensive that the entire chimney required replacement along with the entire roof required replacement. The lightening strike had damaged the entire flue liner and following a CCTV survey replacement was required .

The lightening caused damage to the internal electrical wiring even causing the sockets to explode off the wall, the intruder alarm and gas fired boiler suffered extensive damage and required replacement, also the majority of the appliances had been damaged beyond repair.

In our experience, we have found that up to 50% of the damage is not obvious from the outset and only surfaces after further investigation.

ICS’s next role was to use the information gathered to present a claim and to work hard to secure a comprehensive scope of works. Insurers are reluctant to agree to everything and we work hard to ensure that our clients are protected.

ICS compiled and submitted a comprehensive claim. We entered into negotiations with the insurance company loss adjuster and we agreed a favourable settlement. The favourable settlement terms allowed the policyholder to reinstate the property to current regulations and as new.


Benefits of employing Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessor to manage the claim:

  • No paperwork to fill out- ICS takes care of it
  • Access to our expert specialist partners to provide damage reports to ascertain full extent of works.
  • Full claim management from start to finish from a registered building surveyor and regulated insurance expert.
  • Peace of mind that no damage is left undiscovered
  • Achieve more favourable settlement terms with considerably less stress
  • Expert guidance, support and assistance in all areas of the claim an experienced professional building surveyor. Claims are our core business and we handle 100’s of claims every year.
  • As ICS are owner operated the policyholder receives a 1 to 1 personal service.

Contact Details

Insurance Claim Solutions
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Mobile: 086 357 1713
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We are registered as Public Loss Assessors and fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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Susie Webster
Susie Webster
12:35 03 Nov 22
Recently had a bad leak in my bungalow, was recommended Trevor from Insurance Claims Solutions. The best thing I ever did, Trevor is an exceptional insurance agent who is prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. Trevor guided my through the process ensuring the outcome for me was his priority. 100% recommend Trevor from Insurance Claims Solutions, if I could give him more than 5 stars I would!
N roy
N roy
19:20 23 Oct 22
Trevor was recommended to us only 4 weeks ago. We had a leak in kitchen which we thought would need just a new floor. Trevor came in and from that moment onwards we were in safe hands, far more damage than we ever thought thanks to Trevor, he did all the work with our insurance company, no hassles at all. If you have something happen at home and are thinking of using your insurance look no further than Trevor. His knowledge his second to none, best decision we have made in years. 5 stars isn't enough.ThanksNigel and Mags
Graham Nugent
Graham Nugent
09:24 20 Oct 22
I am delighted to recommend Insurance Claim Solutions to anyone facing a need to submit a home insurance claim. We had a significant escape of water from our attic tank while we were away, and came home to quite a smelly mess and water damage. We contacted Insurance Claim Solutions and really appreciated Trevor Kelly's attention to detail, and his professionalism. Trevor is a really good communicator and he is friendly, he took away all of the hassle and bureacracy for us; and as an industry expert he was thorough in preparing our claim and negotiating on our behalf. We handed everything over to Trevor and had no regrets; now that the claim has been settled, we could not be more satisfied. Thank you Trevor.
Eoin Donohoe
Eoin Donohoe
09:21 30 Sep 22
I recently worked with Trevor on a housing claim that required experienced support from a top quality professional. Trevor certainly is a high quality professional who provided great support. Trevor is a great communicator and was extremely good at keeping me up to date on how the process was progressing. He kept me reassured that the issue had his focus and commitment at all times. I would highly recommend Trevor.
Nicole Mc Laughlin
Nicole Mc Laughlin
18:57 26 Sep 22
We cannot give Trevor enough praise and appreciation for his incredible help during our time of crisis. We had a fire in our kitchen, that destroyed the kitchen and damaged the rest of the house. To say we were frightened, overwhelmed, and frankly clueless on what to do would be an understatement. Trevor was with us every step of the way; guiding us on what we needed to do, dealing with our insurance provider, putting us in touch with a clean-up team for our home and possessions, and introducing us to a construction team to do the re-build. *see before and after picsWe were treated with kindness and care by all involved, and our home came out absolutely beautifully! If you or anyone you know should be unfortunate to find themselves in a similar situation, we highly recommend giving Trevor a call!
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