Vehicle Impact Damage to a Home Ends Surprisingly Well

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Impact damage outside view

Vehicle Impact Damage to A Home Ends Surprisingly Well

Impact damage outside viewVehicle Impact Damage | We received a call from a client on a Sunday morning, advising us of the vehicle impact damage to his house.

A stolen car crashed through the front of the building early on a Sunday morning, causing extensive structural damage to the front of the building. Fortunately nobody was injured.

Our client, was not sure whether his insurance would cover him, so he called Insurance Claim Solutions to help him interpret his policy wording and advise him on how to best handle the insurance claim.

Vehicle Impact Damage results in a Structual Damage to the House

outsideview-1insideview-1insideview-2We surveyed the site first thing on Monday morning and immediately reported the claim to the insurance company. The following day we met with the insurance loss adjuster on site and agreed the costs to carry out initial clean up, debris removal and boarding up externally and internally to protect the structure and secure the site.

As certified building surveyors, we could easily determine that the building had suffered extensive structural damage and was unsafe to be occupied. We therefore recommended that our client appointed a structural engineer to fully assess the damage and estimate the full extent of the repairs that would be required.

The engineer reported that the entire front elevation wall required replacement, as parts of the wall were bowed and the foundations were turned due to the impact. Also the roof required extensive support, propping up and protection, whilst works were carried out.

All ends better than expected with ICS Loss Assessor managing the claim

ICS formulated and presented a comprehensive claim schedule encompassing all of the possible repair works. The claim consisted of:

  • buildings damage,
  • damage to contents (furniture, TV, blinds, curtains etc.)
  • loss of rental income

Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessor handled the entire claim from start to finish.  He ensured that that the clients received the best possible compensation for their loss.

As a result the client was able to reinstate the property to a condition far better than the pre loss building. By using a professional claims manager such as ICS, he had the funds available to modernise the building. This allowed him not only to increase value of his property, but also to achieve a much higher rental income.

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