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Fire Damage Claim | A traumatic event like fire or any other large loss to your property, frequently impairs your ability to make important decisions. Policy owners in their attempt to get their life back on track as quickly as possible, settle for a quick loss assessment and settlement, often to their detriment.

The full extend of suffered losses often surfaces long after their insurance claim is paid out and they have to finance the remaining repairs out of their own pocket. It is therefore prudent in times like this to employ a professional loss assessor who is not driven by emotions and can fight for the best settlement on your behalf.

Fire damage devastates joinery business in North Dublin

Fire damage claim - Joinery in Dublin North | Insurance Claim SolutionsJoinery Fire 3Joinery Fire 4Joinery Fire 1ICS received a call from a distressed business owner, his joinery works had suffered extensive damage following a fire.

Our client is a leading manufacturer of bespoke joinery for the specialist construction market, they manufacture doors, windows, stairs gates etc.

The fire was discovered when a passer by noticed smoke bellowing from the roof and notified our client.  The fire service were called and attended with 4 units. They used water extensively to help extinguish the fire.

The business owner attended the site and found a scene of devastation, he had built up his business for over 30 years and now feared that this event would ruin it. His high end valuable specialist wood working machinery and raw materials were extensively damaged by fire. They also suffered secondary smoke and water damage.


ICS Loss Assessor appointed to manage the claim

ICS loss assessor conducted a full on site survey within 1 hr of receiving a call. We photographed the site extensively, measured up the unit and compiled a detailed inventory of damaged stock and equipment. We then liaised with engineering experts and specialist suppliers and found that the majority the machinery and stock had been either fire damaged, water damaged or both.

ICS met with the insurance companies loss adjusters the next afternoon and we discussed the loss in detail. The damage to the equipment effectively meant that our client was now out of business temporarily until he could purchase new equipment and find new premises , the duration of reinstatement and claim administration had to be kept to a minimum as our client had a number of large projects on the books for delivery. 

ICS put in place an extensive claims management plan within 24 hours  and assisted our client in appointing specialist engineers and professionals to assess and quantify the loss to the specialist wood working equipment. ICS compiled, presented and negotiated the loss with the loss adjusters and worked very hard to secure a settlement that was acceptable to our clients within the tight time frame.

ICS Claim management outcome

Fire claims of this magnitude usually take a long time to assess and settle. This frequently causes the business to close down as the clients go elsewhere. The business owner found out that by using ICS, they had less production downtime, less stress, and received a much quicker and more favourable settlement.

By handing the claim proactively and efficiently, ICS saved the insured’s livelihood and prevented their business from closing down.

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