Fire Damage Claim – Oven Fire

Oven Fire in kitchen unitWe have recently received a call from a lady who had had a fire damage claim resulting from an oven fire. She had put in an insurance claim herself and waited for the outcome.

The insurance company had sent a loss adjuster in and he had offered to replace the oven and the oven unit only and not the other damage.

The policy holder was not happy as apart from the damage to the oven, there was some other damage which the insurers didn’t want to pay for. The client called us in to handle her case.

Insurance claim outcome after ICS loss assessor intervention

Ceiling above oven fireICS loss assessor carried out a full survey and found out that apart from the oven, all the kitchen units had been smoke damaged and discoloured and also all of the food and contents were not fit for use or consumption due to smoke damage.

We fought hard with the insurers to get them to replace the all kitchen units and their contents and properly repair the ceiling and plaster work.

As a result the policyholder was able to replace the entire kitchen and redecorate. The original offer would have left the policy holder with mismatched and damaged units and she would have been replacing the smoke damaged contents out of her own pocket.

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