Why Appoint A Loss Assessor to Handle your Insurance Claim?

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Insurance claim form rejected

insurance claim rejectedPublic Loss Assessor represents you, the policy holder, not an insurance company. 

Insurance company profit is dependent on the amount of claims they receive and pay out. So, it is understandable that they are trying to limit the amount of claims they pay out. Each time you file a claim, they instruct their loss adjusters and the legal team, to search for any loopholes, exclusions, policy conditions, warranties, previous claims history etc. , any possible reasons that can be used as a basis for  limiting, or even declining your claim.

When an insurance company sees that your claim is managed by a professional like us, they are less likely to  refuse it or limit your settlement on questionable grounds, because they know that we will fight tooth and nail, to make sure that you get compensated for your loss.

Benefits of appointing Insurance Claim Solutions as your Loss Assessors

Insurance Claim Solutions are experienced, professional Public Loss Assessors whose core business  is handling insurance claims on a daily basis. We  successfully represent 100’s of policyholders each year, managing their claims and dealing with Insurance Loss Adjusters on their behalf.

We deal with Insurance Loss Adjusters on a daily basis and as a result, we have mastered the art of negotiating with them in order to achieve prompt and full claim settlement.

In many cases the assessment of the extend of the damage is subjective. In these cases, the settlement amount is directly proportional to the experience of your Loss Assessor. The more experienced he is in presenting the case and negotiating, the better the outcome.

Since we work strictly on a No-Win-No-Fee basis; it is 100% in our interest to get your full entitlement following a loss (we work on a small %, the higher the settlement for our clients, the more favorable are our fees).

We handle your claim in a professional manner whilst achieving the best possible settlement for your loss. Don’t let your insurance company make you feel bad for exercising your right to make a claim for damage done to your property.

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Insurance Claim Solutions is a registered and regulated insurance claim loss assessor. If you have suffered a financial loss – then contact us today to ensure you receive the best possible financial outcome.