Fire Damage To Top Floor Apartment

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Fire damage to Kitchen in apartmentInsurance Claim Solution Loss Assessors received a call from a landlord who had suffered extensive fire damage to an apartment on the top floor of his building.

The fire brigade had successfully extinguished the fire, but in the process had soaked the entire building from top to bottom causing secondary water damage to other apartments in the building.

A lot of this damage was not apparent on initial inspection and would have probably been omitted from the claim or rejected by the insurers, if the building owner were to have handled the claim by himself.

Fire Damage – ICS Loss Assessors Intervention

Fire Damage to apartment lounge

Fortunately, the owner of the building contacted ICS Loss Assessors and requested us to handled the assessment and the claim. Our examination of the damaged apartment and the rest of the building showed that all of the other apartments had suffered damage as well.

We conducted our own an independent assessment of the damage and carried out extensive testing of plaster, timbers, kitchen units and concealed areas. We discovered that each one of the 5 apartments suffered from secondary damage to ceilings, walls, floors and kitchens as a result of fire brigade actions and required extensive reinstatement.

Following this examination and through assessment of the damage, we were in a position to put in a much higher insurance claim and receive full reimbursement for the damages. By employing Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessors the landlord got the best settlement for his loss in the quickest possible period of time.

This allowed him to restore the building to a excellent updated condition with least loss of rental income. The now redecorated and modernised apartments are commanding an increased rental income and have reduced vacancies.


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