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Snow and Storm Damage

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What counts as Storm Damage?

Obvious storm damage can include fallen trees, debris, damaged roof, basement flooding …

Unfortunately, not all policies cover all risks. Often the full extent of damage caused by the storm is difficult to assess; especially the structural damage and latent water ingress that would manifest months after the claim has been settled and your file closed.

Many people assume they are automatically covered if their roof is leaking. In fact, this is not the case and the policy wording is often open to interpretation by insurers.

With roof damage, there are as many policy exclusions (wear & tear, bad design, bad workmanship, gradual deterioration, bad construction techniques, etc.) as inclusions, with the burden of proof that the damage was caused by the storm weighing heavily on the policyholder.

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What to do if your property has been damaged by storm?

If your property has been damaged by storm, you need to make sure first that the property is safe to occupy.

You should contact Insurance Claim Solutions as soon as possible to assess if there is any structural damage and if you can occupy the property while is being cleaned up and repaired. As soon as the safety aspects are dealt with, we assess the rest of the damage, check your policy for any exclusions and limitations.

The immediate actions you take are very important and will determine the outcome of your claim.

If temporary repairs are carried out, the original damage must be documented with full reports and photos to prove that the roof was damaged by the storm. 

Tree fallen across house in storm

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