Fire Damage in Dublin | It Pays To Know Who To Call For Help

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Harbour Bar Rush fire

Fire always happens unexpectedly

Fire always happens unexpectedly and it usually has a devastating effect on people’s lives. It is therefore very important to know who to call if disaster strikes.

This was precisely the case in this North Dublin award-winning gastropub. The Harbour Bar in Rush is a very popular and well-known pub by the sea that also serves fantastic food. It’s busy lounge, bar and restaurant is a family run business that provides employment to 20 staff.

The fire broke at 4:30 am on a Tuesday morning and quickly spread through the lounge and bar area causing extensive damage to this family-owned business. The lounge was gutted and the bar and the restaurant also suffered from heavy smoke and soot damage, and therefore were not fit to be open for business.

Harbour Bar Rush fire

Harbour Bar Rush fire

The Value of a Great Public Loss Assessor

On the same Tuesday morning, Trevor Kelly of Insurance Claim Solutions received a call from the distressed owner. The situation was looking grim. Apart from massive financial losses, the 20 staff jobs were in jeopardy, unless something could be done quickly to minimize the loss of business income and prevent the regular bar patrons from venturing elsewhere.

Trevor arrived at the site shortly after receiving the call. He quickly assessed and documented the damage and reassured the business owners that he will do everything in his power to help them out.

Using his extensive contacts, Trevor had a specialist fire and smoke restoration contractor on site and starting to work at 1 pm the same day. The cleaning, treatment and decontamination of the premises commenced immediately, and within three days a large portion of the premises was ready for business and trading.

Claim Negotiation

Getting the full compensation for the loss required even more specialist insurance knowledge, negotiation skills and claims-mitigation experience. The claim involved not just reinstatement of the premises to its pre-loss condition but required negotiation with the insurance loss adjusters for, new fittings, seating and furniture.

The claim also included a hard to negotiate Business Interruption element, which ensured that Alan and Zhang, the bar owners, were not out of pocket following the loss.

The Harbour Bar Is Back In Business and Better than Ever

Harbour Bar Rush fire Harbour Bar Rush fire
“ICS secured the best possible compensation settlement terms to allow us to reinstate the business to a very high specification and standard, whilst ensuring that the business kept on trading successfully during the project. Trevor not only handled the entire claim process from start to finish, but also acted as a building consultant, assisted with project management and attended site meetings regularly during the reinstatement works, freeing us to focus on salvaging our business.”

The Harbour Bar is now back in business trading successfully and will serve the patrons of Rush and beyond for many years to come.


The new Harbour Bar

If you are in Rush be sure to check out the Harbour Bar for fantastic food and drink

Call them on 01-8438937 to make a booking

Harbour Bar Rush fire  Harbour Bar Rush fire

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