Burst Pipe | Water Damage Insurance Claim Testimonial

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Water Damage Claim Testimonial | I had noticed a very bad smell and I thought I had a boiler problem. I called a plumber who traced it to burst pipes in my bathroom. He had to go around the side of the house and do some digging. He called me out and said “there’s all your water”.

I couldn’t believe what was coming out! It was old pipes underneath the bath that burst. Everything in the bathroom had to be taken up or worked on, the floor, tiles, walls and ceiling. The plumber got in touch with Trevor who came out, saw the problem and said that he could handle it. Trevor contacted the insurance guy, they agreed the situation and the repair work started.

How did you choose Insurance Claim Solutions?
The man who first came to service the boiler recommended Trevor to me and called him. Trevor came out to meet with me and I just liked him instantly. He came across as honest. Trevor told me that his fee would be paid through the insurance company.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Trevor Kelly?
Not at all with the insurance part of it, I left that up to Trevor.

Did Trevor introduce new ideas?
Trevor was very good about knowing how much I could claim for the damage because I wouldn’t have known. During the repair work, Trevor kept in touch and when it was completed, he asked me if I was happy about everything. I really was.

How did the project run?
Trevor was very professional but friendly and easy to talk to. Trevor was really on the ball. He knew exactly what he was doing and handled everything. Afterwards, my neighbours asked me how I got on with the insurance company and I told them I had no dealings with them. Trevor did all of that.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Insurance Claim Solutions?
It was the fact that Trevor’s service left me not having to worry about the insurance claim.

Would you recommend Insurance Claim Solutions to others?
Oh yes, I would definitely recommend Trevor to anybody. I’ve got his card and if anything comes up with anybody I know, I’ll tell them about Trevor.

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