Attic fire in Tallaght

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ICS were appointed to handle a fire damage claim that caused extensive damage to a residential property in South Dublin. We were referred to the home owner by a friend , who had used us to handle a claim in the past.

The homeowner, who was asleep in her room was woken by the flames at approximately 3 am, the homeowner was very lucky to get out of the building unharmed.

This fire occured in an converted attic space and was caused by a faulty electrical appliance. The appliance ignited, catching fire to the building fabric and contents.

The fire cause extensive thermal fire damage to the converted attic space ,the roof structure and to the first floor with smoke damage through out the building.

ICS carried out a preliminary site survey to assess the extent of the damage,  we also advised the homeowner on the emergency actions required. We then met the insurance company loss adjusters and worked hard to secure a agreeable schedule of work to encompass all of the works and ensure the no areas are omitted.

We immediately arranged for alternative accommodation and for a interim payment to cover emergency expenses. We assisted the homeowner on the appointment of emergency works contractors. The emergency works contractor secured and weathered the building,  protecting from water ingress, securing the debris from the un-stable roof, preventing damage to neighbouring properties/general public.

We worked with specialist engineers and contractors to formulate a design and plan for reinstatement. We negotiated with the homeowners insurance company and we were able to get her claim settled within a very short space of time and with the best possible settlement terms.

ICS always ensure that the damage to property is assessed correctly and the clients are fully compensated for their loss. We provide a full claims management service and take the stress and hassle away from the home owner at the most vulnerable time.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered damage to their home or business , call us today for a free no obligation survey.




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