Water Damage – Water pipe leak in apartment

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Underfloor central heating pipes

water pipe leak is being repaired by a plumberWater pipe leak in apartment

Unnoticed or ignored water pipe leaks can cause considerable damage. If your water tank or central heating are always refilling, even just drips it probably means you have a water pipe leak somewhere. To avoid water damage to your home, you should periodically check your heating pipes and make sure that they are not developing any leaks.

When it comes to water, a stitch in time is worth two. A small leak, if not noticed and fixed as soon as it occurs,  can develop into a serious problem costing you thousands of Euros in damages.

Below is an example of a recent water damage caused to an apartment by a leaking water pipe.

Water Damage Case Study –  Water Pipe Leak

Water damage to apartment - water pipe leakWater pipe leak - measuring moisture of the floor boardsWater pipe leak producing rising damp in wallsWater pipe leak damaging ceilings
In March 2016 ICS received a call from a very distressed apartment owner. We were recommended by a friend who had previously used our service and had been delighted with her settlement. The apartment suffered extensive water damage and the owner was at a loss what to do next.

ICS carried out a survey within a few hours of her call. On arrival we found that a  pressurised water pipe in the attic space above the apartment had leaked at a joint and the water leaked for several hours penetrating the entire apartment.   Severe damage was caused to plaster ceilings, wall plaster, skirting boards, solid timber floorings, stud partitions, door frames and fitted furniture throughout.

ICS carried out an extensive moisture survey, identified and documented all the damages and reported the claim to the insurers. We also organised a plumber to repair the pipe to prevent further damage to the apartment.

ICS then met onsite with the insurance company loss adjuster to provide evidence of the damage and reach agreement on the scope of works. On receiving an approval from the insurers, ICS arranged for the owner to appoint a flood damage restoration specialist to commence strip out and drying. In situations like timely intervention reduces the growth of mould and protects the retained building elements, so starting this process as soon as possible was very important.

ICS then entered into a negotiation and agreed a favourable settlement which allowed reinstatement to be carried out to current building regulations and in accordance with best practice.

ICS helped the owner with the appointment of a building contractor.  As Registered experienced building surveyors we advised our client on the technical aspects of the reinstatement process and assisted in the selection of building finishes.


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