Fire Damage Claim | A Puppy Sets a Dublin House on Fire

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Fire damage claim - fire damage to lounge Fire damage insurance claim - Smoke damage to bedroom Fire damage insurance claim - Smoke damage to bathroomFire Damage  Claim | Our latest fire damage insurance claim shows that you should always stay vigilant when it comes to fire, especially when there are small children or animals in the house.

Our client had just put up his Christmas tree and was was looking forward to having peaceful and uneventful Christmas. Unfortunately it was not to be.

An excited new puppy ran into the room, knocked over the Christmas tree and caused the Christmas lights to spark. The spark ignited the fabric on the sofa and within minutes the entire living room was ablaze.

Although it took only 10 minutes for the fire brigade to arrive, by that time the entire house had been destroyed. The fire brigade did all that they could to dampen the flames and extinguish the fire, unfortunately whatever was not destroyed by the fire, was destroyed by water used to put out the fire. Thankfully the puppy and the home owners were unharmed and escaped without a serious injury.

Fire Damage Claim | ICS Loss Assessor helps to negotiate high settlement

Insurance Claim Solutions carried out an initial site survey, documented the damage and reported the claim to the client’s insurers. The damage to the property was substantial, all of the rooms had either been fire damaged, smoke damaged or subsequently water damaged.  The damage included the roof, external brickwork , windows and doors, even the plumbing and electrics.

ICS  claims expert met with an insurance loss adjuster on site as well as specialist sub contractors to point out the extense of damage to the property and the reinstatement work that would be required. After reaching the ICS also negotiated the home contents claim and reached a very favourable settlement. We worked very closely with the contractors to ensure the reinstatement works were carried out according to the best building practices and current building regulations.




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