Undetected under floor damage from slow Leaking Pipe

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slow leaking pipe damage 1 slow leaking pipe damage 2 slow leaking pipe damage 3Not all leaking pipes produce cascading water. In this case the damage was caused by a slowly leaking pipe behind the kitchen sink that had gone undetected for a considerable period of time.

We got a call from an elderly lady whom had fallen through the floor while doing the dishes. There was a leak from the mains water supply pipe behind kitchen units.

The lady just thought she could replace lino only, but called us on the recommendation of concerned neighbours.

After we a carried a survey, we discovered that the leaking pipe had caused considerable damage and that the lino was the least of her problems.

We exposed the flooring and found out that the lino flooring was hiding a water damaged floor decking. Upon further inspection we  also found that not only the joists were severely water damaged and required replacement, but also the sub floor was soaked and required specialist drying to prevent mould growth etc.

We successfully negotiated and agreed with loss adjusters to replace floor joists, wall plaster, floor decking, skirting boards, wallpaper, new kitchen units and splash back tiling saving the elderly lady lots of problems and expenses in the future.

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