Water Damage from Defective or Faulty Tectite Plumbing Fittings?

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Tectite Fittings

What is a Tectite Fitting, and where would I find them in my home?

Tectite plumbing fittings are very common in the modern housing stock, used both for housing schemes and one-off dwellings. They have grown in popularity, mainly because they are installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to install a traditional plumbing joint and as a result, it dramatically cut down the costs and duration of the plumbing fit-out.

Tectite fittings can be concealed in all imaginable areas within the building’s fabric and are regularly discovered under floors and floor coverings, behind plaster walls, tiles and ceilings, and attic spaces. 

According to Excel Industries “Tectite® fittings simply push together in seconds to create a perfect joint. The heat free principal of the jointing process is one of the major benefits of the Tectite system resulting in an uncontaminated installation fitted in a fraction of the time taken using other jointing techniques. Tectite fitting are suitable for use on copper and PEX pipe conforming to Irish sizes but careful attention must be paid when preparing the pipe to be inserted into the fitting; a pipe cutter must be used to ensure the seal is not damaged when the pipe is being inserted. Tectite fittings are available in ½”, ¾” & 1″ Irish sizes for a number of configurations”

Leaking Tectite Fittings

We have recently represented a large number of homeowners who have had water damage to their home as a result of the catastrophic failure of these Tectite fittings. It has come to light several years post-installation that there was a large number of defective fittings installed in Irish homes. Unfortunately, to replace the faulty fittings, ceilings, floors and walls generally need to be removed to allow access, with the damaged flooring, tiling, ceilings and wall plaster to be reinstated when the plumbing replacement has been completed, and costs can run into tens of thousands of euro.

We have been very successful in recovering the full costs directly from the manufacturer’s insurers for the replacement of the faulty tectite fittings, the re-plumbing of entire properties to remove the defective fittings, along with the resultant building’s damage to ceilings, floors and walls. 

If you require further information regarding leaks as a result of Tectite fittings and don’t know where to turn for help, please call Trevor Kelly on 0863571713 for immediate advice and expert help. 

For more information about claiming for a leaking Tectite fitting go to our Water Damage Insurance claim page.

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