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Small Insurance Claim | There are times that you are often better off covering the cost of a small insurance claim yourself. Filing an insurance claim can lead to a 20% to 40% jump in your premium, and in the case of a small claim, it may not be worth it.

There are a number of factors that influence the costs of your insurance policy; one of them is the total value and frequency of your claims.

Insurance companies— every one you’ve ever used—report all claims, even those they formally denied, to Insurance Link. The InsuranceLink database has been created to store the details of 1st party insurance claims and helps insurers fight insurance fraud, e.g. cuts down on duplicating claims, previous claim history non-disclosure etc

The report contains the following information on each claim:

  • Policy number
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Property address
  • Type of claim
  • Description of claim
  • Date

If you wish to establish what information, if any, is held about you on Insurance link, you can do so by following the procedures outlined on their website. If there are any inaccuracies, you can also apply via the website to have them corrected.

Before you file a small insurance claim, check whether it is worth it

  • Never submit a claim that is smaller than the excess—simply, there is no loss.
  • Consider that each claim, no matter how small, will stay on your insurance record for many years.
  • Your insurance premiums may go up by 20- 40% as you may lose a no claims bonus. Even a small claim can lead to other insurers not quoting for your renewal, or preclude you from changing to a new insurer.
  • Think about the last time you made a claim. If you’re a consistent claimant, you’re going to get slammed on premiums. It isn’t unusual for a home owner to make up to two claims in a 10-year period, but more than one or two in a three-year time span and the alarm bells go off and you will be classified as a high moral risk.

Our advice is to keep your no claims bonus and don’t make a claim unless the resultant damage and payout is going to justify the increase in premiums. Keep it for when you need it.

If you suffered a loss and need a FREE professional advice on whether you should file an insurance claim, call us. Our experienced Loss Assessor will help you make an informed decision and help you keep your premiums low.


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sheila hayes
sheila hayes
09:16 04 Aug 22
I used Trevor's company after I had a leak under my floor, he came recommended to me from leak detectors and the same day as I made the call Craig came out to inspect the damage and he handled everything from there on. I was very anxious as my insurance company had told me they would not cover the damage as I was causing it myself by having to dig up the floor to find the leak but Craig assured me it would be sorted. I am extremely happy with the settlement and the service from Insurance Claim Solutions. I would urge anyone in this position to contact them they take all the worries away.
Mark Canning
Mark Canning
13:07 15 Jul 22
Trevor was great at guiding us through our claim. Managed all the admin side of the claim, and gave us great advise about how to rememdy the problem. Would reccomend for anyone with a household claim
Sile Brehony
Sile Brehony
15:43 06 Jul 22
We contacted Trevor when our home flooded a few weeks back, while we were on holiday. Without question it was the best decision we could have made. Trevor handled absolutely everything - and in fact went above and beyond by getting quotes for us, just to make our lives easier while we were away. He explained everything in simple terms and was incredibly efficient in driving the whole claim. Trying to negotiate the insurance claims process alone would have been extremely time consuming had we gone it alone. And due to his expertise and also engineering knowledge - there is no question, Trevor secured a much greater settlement than we would have alone. So much of our damage was hidden behind walls and under floors, that we wouldn't even have known to include these significant costs in our claim. If you have a home insurance claim - I couldn't recommend Trevor and Insurance Claims Solutions more highly.
13:56 31 May 22
Trevor was recommended to us by a company who helped detect a leak in our house. Having made contact with Trevor he made it his business to come to the house that same day & gave us great advice & peace of mind as to how to go about our claim & thoroughly investigated the damage. His advice was very helpful and guided us how to go through the process
Grainne Howley
Grainne Howley
10:35 27 May 22
I would highly recommend Trevor’s very professional service. We had a fire at home, needless to say that it could have turned into an extremely stressful situation. This was the first time that I had to deal with such a situation, fortunately Trevor was recommended to me. Trevor was great to deal with throughout the ordeal, he knew what to do and how to do it. He got our insurance claim sorted quickly and efficiently. He saved us from an horrendous amount of stress. If I had deal with the insurance loss adjuster the out come would have been a lot different because I didn’t see all the damage that was caused. Trevor was very thorough and a pleasure to deal with.We had a good out come and now we can put our energy into rebuilding our home. We didn’t have the stress of endless paper work and phone calls and worry and that was invaluable. A great service!
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