Insurance claim denied - picture of claim rejectedInsurance Claim Denied | If your home insurance claim has been denied or rejected, you probably learned about it from a letter you received from the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim.

The letter should have explained the reason why your claim was denied, and referenced the portion of your policy that supports the company’s decision.

If the letter did not fully explain why your home insurance claim was denied, you need to call your insurers and clarify the reason with your loss adjuster.

The main reasons why insurance claims are denied

Below are the seven main reasons why insurance claims are usually denied:

1. Non disclosure of material fact
If you take a new policy without informing your new insurer of previous claims and facts with previous insures they can repudiate your claim based on non disclosure of material fact- Always disclose your claims history as it changes your underwriting criteria and different loadings will be applied.

2. Policy Exclusions– Wear and Tear, Gradual deterioration, breakdown in materials, lack of maintenance etc. are usually grounds for a claim not being covered. (however if your pipes leak due to wear and tear your insurance company will still cover the resultant water damage).

3. Changes in policy risk during insurance period
If you for some reason during the course of a policy your risk increases insurers will need to be informed and they may increase premium . the most common risk increase in domestic homes is sub letting or renting of property. These must be disclosed to insurers mid policy.

4. Un-occupancy or Un-attended property

If your property is un occupied for periods over 30-60 (depending on policy)days certain aspects of policy cover may be removed and reduced as the risk of damage is increased with un-occupancy. If you are leaving your property unattended for a lengthy period inform insurers and they will advise on precautions to comply with policy conditions.

5. Non insurable interest

You can only insure property you have an interest in. i.e. if a work owned laptop is stolen from your home your insurer will not cover this item. Your employer is the party with the insurable interest and is legally responsible for insuring this item.

6. Failure to pay insurance premium or direct debit is declined

Unfortunately if you fail to pay your insurance premium or your direct debit is declined, your insurance lapses. Always make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the premium, it is not worth the risk of having your insurance claim rejected.

7. Late Notification

If you suffer a loss you need to inform your insurance company as soon as possible. Some insurers allow up to 30 days to report a claim. Not reporting a claim in good time may lead to your claim be refused.


Insurance Claim Denied? We may be able to help…

There are cases where the reason for a denied homeowners insurance claim are clear, however, there are those times where the decision is not so black and white. Keep in mind that if the insurance company finds a grey area, they will typically favour denying the claim and saving money!

Taking action to dispute a home insurance claim that has been denied can be difficult, but if you have a valid reason, it is worth fighting for your rights. Give Insurance Claim Solutions a call, we may be able to help.


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Hilary Jordan
Hilary Jordan
17:38 16 May 22
From my first phone conversation with Trevor I felt very confident that I had chosen the right person to help us negotiate through the minefield that is making a claim through your home insurer. Trevor's colleague Craig visited our home and was very sympathetic to our situation after a burst mains pipe. He explained everything he was doing and then dealt with the loss adjustor from our insurance company reducing our stress. We were kept informed during the entire process and even though we were dealt a bit of a curve ball, Trevor negotiated the best result for us and we can't reccomend ICS enough. It was the best decision we could make. As an add-on we would urge anybody reading this review to look at and review your home insurance and protect yourself against underinsurance. Thank you Trevor & Craig
Helen Halpin
Helen Halpin
22:44 08 Feb 22
I can’t recommend Trevor highly enough. After a house fire in Jan 2022, we had no idea what to do next. Thankfully, Trevor was recommended to us, and despite it being a bank holiday, he called to the house and provided all the reassurance we needed at a difficult time. Trevor is exceptionally professional, took care of all the paperwork, navigated through the tricky process with the Insurance company and kept us updated every step of the way. 5* service.
Jo Crawley
Jo Crawley
12:08 08 Dec 21
Great service from Insurance Claim Solutions would highly recommend. Thanks again
Oliver Mitchell
Oliver Mitchell
10:09 02 Dec 21
Trevor came in after we'd already started the claim and realised it was a much bigger issue than we'd originally thought. He stepped in seamlessly and quickly and took over everything, which made our lives far easier. He kept open communication every step of the way and ensured that the whole process went smoothly for us. Would absolutely recommend Insurance claim solutions to anyone.
Eibhlin Ni Ghabhlain
Eibhlin Ni Ghabhlain
10:37 26 Nov 21
It was such a relief to hand over all details of the insurance claim to Trevor when I had a recent mains leak in my house. He more than lived up to the recommendations I had received about his work, efficient, professional, inspiring confidence that all was being dealt with correctly. Within a remarkably short time he had dealt with all details of claim and I’m very happy with what he achieved for me in terms of a settlement. Can highly recommend him!
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