Attic Tank Leak – Burst tank in attic causes major damage

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A minor attic tank leak can often go undetected as loft insulation and evaporation can hide the effects. But once a tanks fails the amount of water released can cause a lot of damage.

In this case our client arrived back to her house after being out at work for the day. A disaster greeted her, she was met with water coming out the front door of her property. Our client had only recently carried out extensive decorative and upgraded flooring, furniture and fabrics.

The property is a detached 5 bed, 2 storey building approx 3000 square foot. The attic tank was located in the attic space above the master bedroom on the 1st floor

The property was extensively damaged by a attic tank leak, the entire property was damaged with only 3 rooms unaffected in the entire property. Our client was distraught and a detailed emergency survey was arranged to establish the true extent of the damage.

Attic tank leak – Actions taken by Insurance Claim Solutions

ICS were appointed late on a Monday evening and we managed to get the loss adjuster on site with 12hrs of appointment the following day. We carried out a detailed survey and found that ceilings, floors, woodwork, built in kitchen units, kitchen & Laundry appliances, laptops, DVD players, furniture, beds, mattresses, clothing etc & TVs, kitchen units, tiling etc were badly affected and we carried out extensive testing on these items to demonstrate the damage to the insurance company’s loss adjuster. We found through testing with our moisture meter that several rooms had been affected. Our client had to move out for 4 months to a rental property whilst reinstatement works were carried out. These costs were also covered in her claim. We arranged for emergency strikeout, drying and treatment to be commenced and secured an interim payment for our client to arrange temporary accommodation.

We entered into negotiations with our clients insurance company and we agreed a great settlement fully reflective of her full entitlement Our client by achieving her full entitlement was in a position to appoint a building contractor to complete the works. We assisted our client in sourcing building contractors to ensure the right contractor was appointed to reinstate the property.

Our client is now back in her property and has had it reinstated to her liking. The settlement achieved allowed our client to finish the property to a condition that exceeded pre-loss condition.

Attic tank leak brings down ceiling

Bedroom floor after attic tank leak

down stairs floor after attic tank leak

lounge floor after attic tank leak

Stair well after attic tank leak

utility room after attic tank leak


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