Are Loss Adjusters Regulated in Ireland?

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are loss adjusters regulated

When filing an insurance claim, policyholders in Ireland may interact with a loss adjuster, in this article we will look at “are loss adjusters regulated in Ireland?”. Loss adjusters are independent claims specialists who investigate claims on behalf of insurance companies. They assess the damage or loss, determine how much the insurance company should pay out, and may negotiate a settlement amount with the policyholder.

Given their important role in the claims process, some policyholders wonder whether loss adjusters are regulated professionals in Ireland. Are there any laws or standards governing their qualifications and conduct?

Are Loss Adjusters Legally Required to be Licensed in Ireland?

Unlike some other professionals who handle financial and legal matters, loss adjusters in Ireland are not currently required to hold a license issued by a government regulatory body. The profession is not regulated by law, so anyone can call themselves a loss adjuster and offer their services to insurance companies, without needing any particular credentials or certification.

Loss Adjusting Qualifications in Ireland

Even though licensing is not mandatory, many loss adjusters in Ireland voluntarily obtain qualifications and training from industry organisations. Two of the main bodies that offer education and certifications for loss adjusters are:

  • The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA)
  • The Institute of Loss Adjusting (ILA)

These institutes offer diploma programs, continuing professional development, and various certifications. Loss adjusters who hold qualifications from these institutes advertise their credentials to attract business from insurance companies that want to work with properly trained adjusters.

The CILA offers a Diploma in Loss Adjusting which covers principles of loss adjusting, types of claims, communication skills, ethics, and regulations. The ILA’s Diploma programmes focus specifically on certain fields like property, liability, and business interruption.

Conduct Requirements for Loss Adjusters

Although not bound by law, loss adjusters working in Ireland are expected to follow conduct requirements set out by loss adjusting institutes and other industry bodies.

For example, the CILA’s rules of conduct require members to:

  • Act with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Maintain confidentiality of client information
  • Carry out work with due skill, care, and diligence
  • Maintain professional knowledge through ongoing training

The Irish Insurance Federation’s Code of Practice for Loss Adjusters also covers expectations for professional responsibility, competence, and ethical behaviour.

Adjusters who violate conduct rules can be removed from industry institutes and lose credentials granted by these bodies. However, there are currently no legal or regulatory punishments.

Arguments For and Against Regulating Loss Adjusters

There is ongoing debate in Ireland about whether statutory regulation should be introduced for loss adjusters.

Arguments for regulation:

  • Protect consumers from unqualified or unethical adjusters
  • Give policyholders confidence that adjusters meet competence standards
  • Make adjusters more accountable through licensing requirements
  • Align Ireland with countries like the UK where regulation exists

Arguments against regulation:

  • Could reduce competition and raise costs for insurance companies
  • Voluntary qualifications are adequate for most adjusters
  • Market forces and reputation provide sufficient accountability
  • Resources would be better focused on combating insurance fraud

Overall, views are mixed on whether Ireland needs a statutory licensing and regulatory system for loss adjusters or if voluntary qualifications and industry standards are sufficient.

Outlook for Regulation of Loss Adjusters in Ireland

At present, statutory regulation does not appear imminent. The Irish government has not taken concrete steps towards establishing a legislative framework. Industry groups like the CILA and ILA are focusing their efforts on enhancing professional standards through voluntary education and certifications.

However, as consumer awareness grows around the importance of loss adjusters, there may be increasing public pressure for regulation in the coming years. The status quo could change, particularly if high-profile cases emerge of adjusters acting negligently or unethically in handling claims.

For now, consumers in Ireland can look for loss adjusters who advertise legitimate qualifications and membership in respected industry organisations. Although not required by law, these credentials indicate adjusters adhere to standards of competence and professional conduct.

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