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3D Property Scan Speeds Up Property Claims Payout

3D scan of smoke and fire damaged room



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Commercial Fire 3D Scanning for Property Insurance Claims

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3D scan of smoke and fire damaged room Insurance Claim Solutions have embraced 3D digital transformation and innovation by being the very first operator in the Irish Insurance Claims industry to adopt and integrate 3d HDR virtual walkthroughs on our large and complex loss claims. Our new 3D Technology Platform allows us to capture the loss in minuscule detail, by creating a digital twin of the loss, freezing the damage in time and enabling offsite referencing and review.

In a nutshell, our 3D Platform helps us capture much more comprehensive damage footage, allowing us to compile and formulate more accurate and complete claims submissions, leading to much better settlements for our clients.

3D Property Scan – This is how it works …

Our HDR 3D Camera captures HDR footage of the entire building envelope every at regular intervals; our camera then manages the 3D reconstruction process at high speed to create the exact digital twin. The Oculus lens allows us to create a virtual walkthrough that we can send to clients, contractors and anyone else who might need it. The thing we love the most about it is the ability to revisit the scene at any moment without having to visit physically, we can also zoom in on our 3D model for greater accuracy, e.g. we can see the contents on a shelf, wardrobe, kitchen units, room contents, draw a line or get an accurate measurement.

How it helps our clients..

Our 3D Technology helps us truly prove our client’s loss beyond any doubt, far more than a photo or series of photos can ever achieve, e.g. if there is any discrepancy or dispute and demolition has already taken place, all we have to do is review the image library, go “back to the scene”, and the proof is there. We can also send a link to any relevant party without them having to be on-site and boom, case closed !!

Our revolutionary 3D Technology makes life a lot easier for everyone involved in a claim, and it has endless possibilities for useful application. We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients get ahead in their claims, and this new platform is a huge help.

If you’ve had a fire, flood or other property loss resulting in an insurance claim, get in touch with Trevor Kelly at 0863571713 for immediate expert advice and help.


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