3D Imaging Technology Revolutionises Insurance Claims Management

Insurance claims settlement is often delayed by insurance adjustor queries and disputes related to the extend of the damage suffered by the property owner.

The insurance claim adjustor often tries to reduce the claim based on insufficient evidence of the loss.

To mitigate this risk and to produce an indisputable proof of damage, Insurance Claim Solutions now uses a high-resolution 3D camera to document the loss and to create a report, especially for large or complex claims.

The images produced by these cameras capture in exquisite detail the damage not only to the building, but also to fixtures, fittings and building contents.

The captured images are then processed by our sophisticated computer programme to produce an accurate, frozen in time, 3D computer twin of the original scene.

Using this 3D digital twin our team can then compile and formulate a far more comprehensive and detailed claim than using traditional capturing methods such as photographs and verbal descriptions.

We include the use of this technology in our fee on all large and complex claims.

This approach allows us to reduce quite significantly the time taken by the insurers to assess the claim and we can frequently also negotiate a much better compensation for your loss.

Insurance Claim Solutions are the sole user of the 3D imaging technology in Ireland and we are regarded as the leaders in innovating the way the property insurance claims are managed.

Trevor Kelly

High-Resolution 3D Image - Indisputable Proof Of Your Loss