Insurance claims – Why is it so hard to get our money?

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Advertising would have us believe that false insurance claims are the reason it’s so hard to get our money – but what’s the real picture?

Read this article by CONOR POWER that appeared in The Irish Times on  Monday, October 31, 2011 and find out.

…Certain situations can severely test the honesty of the most upright citizens; situations such as finding yourself far from home and in need of medical treatment at a ski station, only to find on your return home that your insurers deign to give you only €60 out of an experience that cost you €300, assisted by turning ambiguous percentage references to their advantage.

Or an experience where your car is smashed and the insurance company doesn’t tell you how much it’s worth until your two weeks of free car hire has almost expired – giving you little time to consider a valuation from the lower end of the spectrum.

What is the honest citizen to do in such instances? Does he or she have to right to feel aggrieved; to feel a sense of injustice towards the insurance company that they trusted would put things right without any quibble, or are they expecting too much and just failed to read the small print?

Read the full article on The Irish Times  website, published on Monday, October 31, 2011

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