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Fire Claim | Unattended candle sets a house in Co. Louth on fire



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Fire Claim - Unattended Candle Causes extensive fire damage to a house Fire Claim | Insurance Claim Solutions received a call on a Friday afternoon about an extensive fire damage to a house in Co. Louth.  A candle that was left unattended in an upstairs bedroom set the house on fire.

The house was occupied at the time, but luckily, the occupants managed to escape. It took approximately 25 minutes for the fire brigade to attend and unfortunately, by that time, there wasn’t much left to save. The fire was so violent and extensive that most of the structure and the house contents were destroyed.

The home owner was extremely traumatized and shaken up. The last thing he wanted, was to go through the tedious and frustrating process of  dealing with the insurance claim. On recommendation of his friends, he called Insurance Claims Solutions for help.

Home Destroyed by Fire Home Destroyed by Fire Home Destroyed by Fire

Fire Claim – ICS Loss Assessor achieves full compensation within 6 weeks of filing the claim

ICS Loss Assessor visited and inspected the site within a few hours from receiving the call. The fire had left the site extremely dangerous with charred structural timbers and unstable roof structure with loose tiles and timbers. As there were many young families and children in the area, there was a danger that one of the kids may enter the unprotected site and get injured. He organized a building contractor straight away to prevent unauthorized access to the site and potential bodily injury to the trespassers.

As the next step our Loss Assessor assessed and documented the damage and reported the fire claim to the insurance company. He arranged to meet with the insurance loss adjuster the following Tuesday. He requested an interim claim payment from the insurers to cover emergency clothing and alternative accommodation, as the claim would take some time to get finalized.

Our Loss Assessor then liaised with fire and smoke damage restoration contractors to assess the cost of reinstatement works required.

We had the claim finalized in 6 weeks and helped our client achieve the best possible settlement for their loss. The clients were delighted as not only the building contractors recommended  by us,  managed to restore the property to a standard that exceeded the pre loss condition, but the insurance payout covered the replacement of all of the furniture, clothing, electronics jewellery and all other possessions lost in the fire.


Don’t let the stress of dealing with insurers and repair contractors overwhelm you. Contact us today, and let us handle your insurance claim while you focus on your recovery.

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