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Assessing the loss and managing an insurance claim while trying to get your life back on track after the disaster strikes, is not an easy task.

We have an extensive experience in all types of property damage-related claims. Call us for a FREE initial consultation, and if you decide to appoint us, you pay nothing until you receive the payment. 

Insurance Claim Help

How can we help with your insurance claim?

In the past decade, Insurance Claim Solutions has helped thousands of home and business owners with the assessment of damage to their property and start to finish claim management.

We have extensive experience in handling many different insurance claim types, from fire and smoke damage to malicious damage and subsidence. 

We can help you uncover damages which are not immediately obvious, interpret the small print in your insurance policy and advise you on the best way to deal with your claim.

If you would like to avoid the stress of dealing with the insurance loss adjuster and don’t have time or necessary knowledge to find reliable contractors to deal with your repairs, we can help you with that too. 

We can also negotiate on your behalf with the insurers, so that you get fully compensated for your loss.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in assessing or managing a specific type of claim, click on one of the claim types below.

Business and Domestic Insurance Claims

We offer help with the following types
of insurance claims...

Fire Damage

Chip pan fire

The traumatic experience of having your property damaged by fire is not conducive to adopting a level-headed approach and attention to detail required to deal successfully with an insurance claim. 

It is therefore better to …

Storm Damage

impact damage

Storm damage can include damage to property caused by fallen trees, flying debris, leaking roofs, basement flooding, and many more…

Many people assume they are automatically covered if their roof is leaking after the storm. Unfortunately, 

Water Damage

Water damage

The full extent of water damage is frequently difficult to assess by the property owner. 

The structural damage to your property and water ingress is not immediately visible, but …

Oil Leak

Oil leak at boiler

The consequences of an oil leak can be disastrous, not only to the house structure, but to the general health of the occupants. Escaped oil can also pollute soil and shallow underground…

Flood Damage

Severn Flood

Flood damage claims can be tricky to handle by yourself. You need to be able accurately assess the damage really quickly, and know all the rules and regulations so you don’t invalidate your claim by …


Subsidence Damage

Subsidence damage can be hard to prove. Not all cracks in walls and plaster mean you have a problem with subsidence. They can be caused by natural movement in the house structure  …

Burglary |Malicious Damage

Burglary break in

Insurers view most of the theft claims with suspicion and there is usually a long list of requirements you need to comply with, before your claim is regarded as legitimate and approved to be settled…

Impact Damage

Red car in window

Impact Damage is normally caused by a vehicle colliding with your property. It could also be caused by an object e.g. a fallen tree or animals e.g. frightened cattle damaging your fence or any part of your property.

Business Interuption

Business man head in hands

Losses from Business Interruption are often far greater than losses due to property damage, so it is important to assess them correctly. Unfortunately Business Interruption policy cover doesn’t…

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