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Insurance Claim Solutions has helped thousands of home and business owners with the assessment of damage to their property and start to finish claim management.

We have extensive experience in handling many different insurance claim types, from fire and smoke damage to malicious damage and subsidence.

We can help you uncover damages which are not immediately obvious, interpret the small print in your insurance policy and advise you on the best way to deal with your claim.

If you would like to avoid the stress of dealing with the insurance loss adjuster and don’t have time or necessary knowledge to find reliable contractors to deal with your repairs, we can help you with that too.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in assessing or managing a specific type of claim, click on one of the claim types below.

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Recent Reviews

We work for you to ensure that you get a fair and just settlement from your property insurance claim after a disaster.

Fionnbar Lenihan
Fionnbar Lenihan
We were recommended John Holland by a friend in the building industry after we had a nasty burst pipe upstairs with ceiling coming down, ruined wall plaster, flooring tiles etc. We are very happy to recommend him to others in turn. This was our first insurance claim and John guided us through the whole process to an outcome that was as happy as possible given the whole ceiling falling down situation. Very calm and professional and clearly knows his business. Thoroughly recommend for others. Hope to never need his services ourselves again however! Fionnbar
Urbanwellies Anseo
Urbanwellies Anseo
Great peace of mind for Board of Management having John Holland assess significant and complex storm damage done to school. Highly expedient, professional, competent, John's skill and many years of experience were very evident. We had a tight time frame and John delivered the service very calmly and with a very positive outcome. His advice and guidance were clear, helpful and wise. We would highly recommend John Holland to any organisation or individual.
Ann Walsh
Ann Walsh
We came home from holidays and the tank in the attic had leaked which resulted in the ceiling falling in, so it was panic stations, a friend recommended insurance Claims Solutions. John was great he did all of the dealings with the insurance company and relayed all of the information back to us which was a Godsend as we had none of the stress that this type of situation would usually cause. I would highly recommend Insurance Claims Solutions.
Tristan Wheeler
Tristan Wheeler
I found Insurance Claim Solutions incredibly efficient and thorough while negotiating a serious water leak claim. Trevor is an expert in his field and made the process as straightforward as possible. I highly recommend him.
Lar Duffy
Lar Duffy
We had a nasty leak under the floor in our kitchen and a friend recommended Insurance Claims Solutions to address the issue. Although it was quite a complicated case, Trevor navigated us through the process in a clear and efficient way. It's rare to make an insurance claim for most of us, and Trevor was adept at communicating with the insurers on our behalf, taking the pressure off and ensuring a highly satisfactory outcome for us. We're very happy with his work and recommend his services highly.
Helena Henry
Helena Henry
We found John so easy to work with, he just took the claim out of our hands and dealt with everything for us. Our claim was handled with such professionalism and expertise and approved by Insurance Co so quickly. Was stressful time for us, was just such a relief to have John deal with it. Really appreciate all his help.
Aidan Langley
Aidan Langley
Trevor helped us navigate the insurance process very professionally. He looked at our policy, and told us what we could expect to happen next and guided us through the process much faster than I thought it would happen. I'd not made a house insurance claim before and was delighted to have someone who knew the ropes.
John Bentham
John Bentham
Excellent, professional service took away all the stress dealing with insurance company and achieved a very successful settlement on our behalf .
Ursula Flynn
Ursula Flynn
John Holland from Insurance claims solutions negotiated with our insurers regarding a claim from water damage. He was professional, efficient and very quick to respond. We had a satisfactory outcome as a result of Johns endeavours. We are happy to recommend John. Thank you John
James O'Donoghue
James O'Donoghue
Was recommended insurance claim solutions by a friend, had a wonderful experience with John very professional and would highly recommend this company, brilliant to deal with everything was straight forward thanks again for your help.

Start to End Insurance Claim Management

We offer comprehensive insurance claims management services covering all stages of the claim management process:

Fire Damage

The traumatic experience of having your property damaged by fire is not conducive to adopting a level-headed approach and attention to detail required to deal successfully with an insurance claim

Water Damage

Insurance claims resulting from water damage caused by burst pipes, often omit secondary damage such as rot and mildew, rust problems or electrical problems that may develop months after the claim…

Oil Leak

The consequences of an oil leak can be disastrous, not only to the house structure, but to the general health of the occupants. Escaped oil can also pollute soil and shallow underground…

Theft Claims

Insurers view most of the theft claims with suspicion and there is usually a long list of requirements you need to comply with, before your claim is regarded as legitimate and approved to be settled…

Business Interruption

Losses from Business Interruption are often far greater than losses due to property damage, so it is important to assess them correctly. Unfortunately Business Interruption policy cover doesn’t…

Flood Damage

Flood damage claims can be tricky to handle by yourself. You need to be able accurately assess the damage really quickly, and know all the rules and regulations so you don’t invalidate your claim.

Subsidence Damage

Subsidence damage can be hard to prove. Not all cracks in walls and plaster mean you have a problem with subsidence. They can be caused by natural movement in the house structure …

Storm Damage

The full extend of storm damage is frequently difficult to assess by the property owner. The structural damage to your property and water ingress are not immediately visible, but can manifest itself…










Happy Customers

Insurance claims can be tricky to assess. Many claim types include secondary damage caused by smoke or water. This kind of damage is often not obvious and can manifest itself long after the claim is settled and closed.

If you just suffered extensive damage to your home due to fire, flood, storm or some other peril, you are possibly traumatized and not thinking straight. This is not the best time to be left on your own, without professional representation. Dealing with a loss adjuster who is trying to minimise the payout, may just prove too stressful. Many policy holders settle for a smaller compensation just because they can’t deal with the insurance company.

ICS are claims experts. We know how to navigate the claim process and how to identify and present the damage to ensure full entitlement. To put it simply – it is in our interest to get you the best settlement possible as our fee depends on our performance.

A Loss Adjuster is a claims professional employed by your insurance company to investigate the claim, scrutinise the policy conditions and to adjust the claim pay-out in line with policy cover. The loss adjuster is paid by the insurance company and therefore works in the interests of the insurance company to minimise their losses.

A Loss Assessor works on behalf of “the policyholder” and we are experts in compiling, formulating and negotiating insurance claims. We specialise in navigating the claims process, protecting the “policyholders” interest and ensuring that policy holders receive the best possible settlement terms. A public loss assessor must be regulated by the central bank.

If your property or business has been damaged and you are considering making a claim, your first call should be to us. As we are claim experts working exclusively on behalf of you, the policy holder, it is critical to get the damage assessed independently, before your claim is presented to your insurers. We can carry out an immediate survey, document the damage, advise on damage limitation and notify your insurance company or broker.

Ideally, you should call a Public Loss Assessor as soon as you suffer a loss. The Loss Assessor can then ensure that the damage is correctly assessed, photographed and documented. Correct recording and documenting of the loss will help you ensure that you receive your full entitlement, and also reduce the risk of prejudicing your claim

Yes we certainly can, just one call to us and we will arrange to visit and survey asap. In addition to the property reinstatement, we can also help in the assessment of lost stock, increased cost of work, business interruption and trading losses.

We carry out a free no obligation first survey and we take your claim on a No Win- No Fee basis. We charge a small percentage of the final settlement, typically 10% + vat. Fees are agreed on a case by case basis, dependent on the size and the complexity of the loss.

Your insurers probably applied the Average Clause.

Home insurance generally covers for “accidents”. Burst pipes and tanks after freezing, but often does not cover for gradual damage from small leaks that might be considered lack of maintenance. Give us a call and we can check your policy against the damage you have.

A standard home owners insurance policy will cover water damage and roof leaks unless they’re the result of gross negligence on your part. Whether the roof leak is caused by a windstorm or a tree crashing through the roof tiles, you’re covered.

On a standard, straightforward claim, it can generally take between 2-6 weeks to get the claim fully settled- ICS are fully committed to ensure that your claim is settled as efficiently as possible.

You should receive your cheque within 7-10 days following the agreement of settlement terms.

Our fee is due when you receive money from insurance company.

A detailed list of insurable perils is listed in your policy booklet. However you also need to consider a list of exclusions and special conditions, frequently buried in the small print. Call us and we can help you determine, free of charge, whether your claim will be successful.

You, the policyholder receives the payment directly from the insurance company. Loss assessors do not commute or handle the settlement funds.

Any claim made on the policy is likely to have an impact on your no claims bonus, each insurer will differ. It is important to weigh up the benefit of the claim and the potential impact. We can advise of the potential impact to your policy on an individual basis. The onus is on the policyholder to advise any future insurer of previous claims. 

Loss Assessors are independent and don’t directly complete the reinstatement works. However, we do work closely with a large number of contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors and other construction professionals. We can assist with selection of contractors and recommendations and if required, project manage the repairs.

Burst pipes can be a financial headache for home owners. Fortunately, home insurance typically covers unexpected burst pipes and the water damage that results. However, generally you won’t be covered if the damage results from a slow leak that went unfixed for months.

Saving a few Euro by under insuring your property can case a big problem if you need to make a claim.

Insurance companies apply a mechanism called The Average Clause and is calculated as follows.

  • Let’s assume that Value at Risk of your house, as outlined by the Society of Charted Surveyors, is €300,000 (this depends on a number of factors)
  • Your Sum Insured as specified in the Insurance Policy  is actually €200,000. You are therefore under insured by €100,000
  • Let’s assume that a fire occurs and nearly half of your house is destroyed.
  • As per builders quotes, to have it re-built/repaired it will cost you €120,000. You therefore file an insurance claim for €120,000
  • Unfortunately, as the Sum Insured is only €200,000 instead of €300,000, the insurance company assumes that you are responsible for 33% of the risk on this property. They therefore are only liable to pay our 67% of the claim (this is the average clause)
  • In result you lose €40,000, just because the property was under insured.

This also applies to the contents section of your policy.

Our Insurance Claims Expert - Gabby Answers FAQs

Heare is some frequently asked questions about the role of an Insurance Loss Adjuster, the role of a Public Loss Assessor, Loss Assessor Fees, and the overall Claims Management Process. 

A experienced Loss Assessor and the owner of Insurance Claim Solutions provide some answers. Click on the question to reveal the response.