Having to deal with an insurance adjuster after a traumatic event like a house fire can be stressful. This article will provide tips on navigating the claims process and getting the best possible settlement in Ireland.

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Total Loss Fire Claims vs Partial Loss Fire Claims

After a house fire, the insurance company will send out a loss adjuster to inspect the damage and determine if it is a total loss or partial loss.

A total loss means the damage is so extensive that the structure is deemed unrepairable. In this case, the insurance company will pay out the full insured value of the home.

A partial loss means that repairs are feasible. The insurance company will pay to have the home restored to its pre-loss condition. The payout will depend on the scope of repairs outlined by the adjuster.

It’s important to understand the difference, as a total loss claim settlement will be significantly higher.

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House Fire Claims Process

Here are the typical steps in the house fire claims process involving insurance adjusters:

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What Does an Insurance Loss Adjuster Do?

The loss adjuster has an important role in the claims process. Here’s what they will do:

Liaising With Insurers to Get the Best Settlement

As the loss adjuster works for the insurance company, it’s wise to have your representative in the form of a public adjuster or loss assessor. They can ensure you receive the maximum settlement entitlement.

Key ways a loss assessor can assist:

Professional Fire Claim Advice

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire and the insurance claims process can be confusing and complex for homeowners.

Getting advice from an expert loss assessor or public adjuster is highly recommended so you can focus on recovery and urgent priorities.

Loss Assessor Ireland provides professional fire insurance claim services on a no-win, no-fee basis. They offer:

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