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Burned KitchenI deal with a large number of property claims daily. When I receive a call from a home or business owner who has been affected by a large fire or similar loss, I may be speaking with someone who is confused, upset, uncertain and possibly at their lowest ebb.

Following a large loss, the home or business owner is typically extremely vulnerable, and certainly not in the best frame of mind to be making impartial important strategic decisions, regarding the direction of their claim.

Typically the homeowner may have spent years investing time, money and effort, into making their house a home, creating precious non-replaceable memories. The business owner may have spent years investing money and time building their business, it may be the business owners main source of income, and in the ‘flick of a switch’, their livelihood is gone. Not to mention the incomes of the employees, disruption to customers or suppliers, that may be affected by the loss.

Often I find that my role goes far beyond just assessing the loss. I provide essential emotional support and reassurance to the policyholder, acting as a supportive and knowledgeable friend at this difficult time to help navigate the claim process. I take away the stress and uncertainty that comes with dealing with a large loss, by giving the policyholder the peace of mind and reassurance, that their claim is being handled professionally, with integrity and with their best interests in mind.

If you know someone who has suffered a large loss the best advice that you can give them is to employ a professional to handle their interests.

I’m a highly experienced loss assessor, policyholder advocate and property claims expert. I have handled thousands of claims in the last 15 years, ranging from small straightforward claims, to highly technical multi million Euro complex losses.

I only act for the policyholder and we work hard to ensure that they receive their full entitlement following a loss. Call me today for a free no obligation survey 0863571713


Don’t let the stress of dealing with insurers and repair contractors overwhelm you. Contact us today, and let us handle your insurance claim while you focus on your recovery.

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