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Not all property damage is immediately obvious. Sometimes it takes an experienced Loss Assessor with extensive building surveying experience to uncover hidden damage caused by water ingress, fire or smoke.   

Insurance Claim Solutions  are  highly experienced Public Loss Assessors and Insurance Claims Experts with impeccable track record in settling even the most complex claims. We can help you assess the loss and maximise your claim payout. 

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What Does a Public Loss Assessor Do?

Public Loss Assessor assessing the damage to a house

A Public Loss Assessor is an insurance professional who helps policyholders assess and document the damage, complete an insurance claim, deal with an insurance loss adjustor and negotiate a compensation for their loss. 

The fee for this service is usually a small percentage of the paid-out value of the claim. So it is in their interest to make sure that all loss is included in the claim and properly documented so there are no disputes. 

 All Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessors are fully qualified Building Surveyors, hold multiple insurance qualifications and have many years of insurance claims experience. 


Benefits of Appointing an Experienced Loss Assessor

Fire, water, and storm damage are really traumatic events that can wreak havoc in anyone’s life. Attempting to assess the damage yourself while trying to keep your family or business together can be a real challenge. 

Since a large part of the damage to your property may not be immediately obvious, you would need to have detailed knowledge of the building structure and how each peril can impact it, in order to accurately assess the damage.

Most policyholders would not know where to look and they are also too traumatised by the event, to properly assess the loss. They also don’t know how to deal with the insurance loss adjuster trying to invalidate or reduce their claim.

The sole role of an insurance loss adjuster is to minimise the payout for the insurer. He will therefore try to find policy exclusions and other loopholes frequently buried in the small print, in order to reduce, or even decline your claim.

By appointing a professional loss assessor, you are gaining a valuable ally. An experienced loss assessor will know where to look for potential secondary damage. He will also be able to interpret policy wording and pre-empt the attempts to reduce your claim.


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Since he has not been emotionally affected by the traumatic event, he can calmly formulate a claim management strategy, that will ensure the best outcome for you.

Appointing an experienced loss assessor will not only save you the stress of dealing with the claim and provide a much more accurate assessment of your loss; it will also save you a lot of time and hassle.  

A loss assessor is likely to have contacts with reliable structural engineers, professional cleaners, builders and repairers. He can therefore assess the damage and file a claim in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to do it by yourself.

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