Business and Domestic Property Insurance Claim Services

We Can Help You Get The best Possible Compensation and Faster Insurance Claim Payout


We Offer Insurance Claim Solutions

We are experts at helping home and business owners get the best compensation and a speedy insurance claim payout. Our services include:

  • Public Loss Assessor Services
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Insurance Policy Reviews (Value at Risk)
  • Claim Services for Insurance Brokers
  • We can also manage your property restoration project to ensure that the restoration and repairs are carried out to the highest of standards.


It may sound like a bold statement, but on average we achieve a 20-40% higher compensation and much faster insurance claim payout than you would have achieved by filing the claim yourself.

How do we do that?

We achieve this because we have many years of insurance claims management experience, we are extremely thorough with assessing the damage, and we fully understand the pitfalls of the claim settlement process. 

For large and complex claims, we use cutting-edge technology (3D Property Scanning) to provide undisputable evidence of the damage incurred. This approach significantly reduces the time normally taken to assess the claim and receive the payment.

We work purely on a NO WIN – NO FEE basis, so if you don’t get paid, neither do we.

Public Loss Assessor Services

We Help You Accurately Assess The Damage

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Assessing your loss can be tricky, especially when you are stressed. A large portion of damage may be hidden from view and can only be uncovered by an experienced loss assessor who knows where to look. 

  • inspect the policy wording  (the small print)  and analyse what you are covered for
  • we assess and document the damage, including the secondary damage caused by smoke or water ingres.
  • If needed, we arrange a consultation with  materials expert, structural engineer and other specialists.
  • Advise on damage limitation and emergency works
  • we organise reliable building restoration contractors and get the quotes, if you do not have your own contractors

We are highly experienced in handling many different types of claims such as fire damage, flood damage, water damage, subsidence, impact, malicious damage etc.

Over the past decade, we have helped thousands of home and business owners in Ireland and Northern Ireland, manage their insurance claims and receive full compensation for their loss.

Claims Management Services

Start to End Insurance Claim Management

We offer comprehensive insurance claims management services covering all stages of the claim management process:

  • carry the full assessment of your loss
  • complete the claim form and all supporting documentation
  • notify insurers /submit the claim
  • deal with your insurer’s loss adjuster who will try to minimise your claim
  • compile and submit claim estimates and reports for approval
  • organise interim payments, if required
  • negotiate the best possible claim settlement 
  • keep an eye on the restoration work to ensure that all is done to the expected standard
  • keep an eye on the insurance company so they don’t delay the payout
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Why should you get an insurance policy review?

An insurance policy review carried out by an independent consultant can help you determine whether you have the right policy, i.e. that it covers the things you think it does, and a  sufficient level of insurance cover for to ensure a full pay out in the event of total loss.  

The Dangers of Under Insurance

Policy holders often reduce the sum insured in order to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums. Unfortunately, this is often to their detriment as in case of a loss, they are only entitled to the proportion of the claim settlement, due to the “average “ clause.

The small print included in the majority of property policies includes a clause, which allows the insurance company to deduct a percentage of the claim settlement in application of average.

More details on the FAQ page


Claim Management Services for Insurance Brokers

Insurance Claim Solutions offer claim management packages to suit all sizes and needs of brokerages. Our claim management process is fully transparent.

You can have full access to our telephone conversation summaries, emails, meeting summaries we have conducted, estimates, approvals, and instructions we have issued on your or your client’s behalf.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Clients’ Insurance Claims to ICS:

  • All claims viewed and assessed with 24 hours
  • Peace of mind that your clients are in safe hands
  • Better settlements achieved
  • Source of revenue for your brokerage
  • Claims handled by senior surveyors
  • Your staff are freed up to concentrate on your core business
  • No win- No Fee (we get paid only after the claim is settled)
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