Need Help With Your Water Damage Insurance Claim?

Worried about an Insurance Claim Payout?

Water Damage Insurance claims are often quite complicated. They involve specialised knowledge of potential secondary damage to your property, a knowledge you are unlikely to have, unless you are an experienced loss assessor and have handled hundreds of similar claims.

In many situations, the damage may not be obvious, and it will only manifest itself months later, long after the claim has been settled and closed.

I Can Help You Deal With Your Insurance Claim…

As a public loss assessor, working on your behalf, not on the behalf of an insurance company, I can help you with:

  • assessing accurately the extent of the water damage to your property, caused by water ingress to hidden areas of your building’s structure
  • completing all necessary paperwork and submitting the water damage insurance claim
  • take away the stress of dealing with the insurers who may try to invalidate or reduce your claim payout
  • arrange for an interim insurance claim payment to help you get on your feet, if required
  • make sure you get full compensation for your loss
  • ensure that the repairs done to your property are carried out to the highest possible standard

Trevor Kelly

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Trevor Kelly BSc.(Hons) 
Chartered Building Surveyor

Registered Public Loss Assessor
Insurance Claims Expert,
Member of the Irish Claims Consultants Association
Certified Insurance Practitioner,
Member of the Insurance Institute of Ireland
Member of the British Damage Management Association

Call me now on 086 357 1713 for free advice about making an insurance claim, or learn more about our Public Loss Assessor and Claim Management Services.

I don’t charge anything upfront and you pay nothing in the unlikely event your claim is rejected. I have a very high success rate and this is reflected in our many testimonials and recommendations.