Trevor Kelly has done work for me as a Loss Assessor on three separate occasions; five years ago, two years ago and just this last Christmas I had a leak in the radiator because of the frost damage. Prior to that there had been storm damage to the roof and a burst water tank. When the water tank burst I had to put in a claim for water damage.

What was involved in your claim for water damage?

I had a burst water tank in the house so I contacted the insurance company to make a claim for water damage. Even though I’d been a customer with them over twenty years, I had never made a claim. When I did claim for water damage, I was fobbed off.

Insurance companies are very hard companies to deal with. They’re happy to take the money off you every year but slow to pay out on a claim. They told me that I was not covered for this and that. They told me that the process would be for me to contact two plasterers, plumbers and builders and get quotes from each of them. I told them I didn’t have time to do all of that, I have my own company to run. I told them I would find someone else to deal with the insurance claim.

How did you choose Insurance Claim Solutions?

I put the word out to my friends about what I was after and Trevor Kelly, the local insurance assessor was recommended to me.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Insurance Claim Solutions?

Just that I didn’t want to deal with the insurance company any more.

How did the project run?

Trevor is very professional and he knows how to deal with insurance companies. He came and saw the damage that was caused and how the burst water tank had damaged other things that would be covered by my insurance. He noted the details, contacted the insurance company and they met at the house to assess the claim. Trevor took care of everything and had it kicked to touch quickly. Trevor wouldn’t be in business if insurance companies weren’t fobbing people off. Trevor knows the rules about the insurance process and how to get things done.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Insurance Claim Solutions?

No stress. Its a very time consuming process and if you don’t know the rules and how things are done, you could be taken advantage of.

Also what I like about Trevor is he’s paid on performance, like myself. If he doesn’t perform, he doesn’t get paid. I wish the government worked like that! Trevor handled it all and I was delighted with the settlement and the outcome.

Would you recommend Insurance Claim Solutions to others?

I do, every week. My business is in pest control where often times damage of an insurance nature is involved. Trevor is very good at what he does and it’s a magnificent service he offers.

Any tips for other people?

Like I said, every man has his trade and if you’re dealing with an insurance company and they’re fobbing you off, get in touch with a professional Loss Assessor like Trevor Kelly.

Ed Lee from FingalFingal