Underground Pipe Leak In A Home In South Dublin

damage caused by leaking central heating pipe

Underground Pipe Leak In A Home In South Dublin Underground Pipe Leak Claim | In early January 2016 we were asked to carry out a site survey on suspicion that there might be an underground pipe leak somewhere. The call came from a home owner in the South Dublin on the recommendation from the home […]

How to Prevent Burst Pipes and Avoid Water Damage

The cold weather is upon us and every year we help policyholders affected by water damage caused by freezing and burst pipes. The damaged pipework is, in the main, a small issue. The major loss usually resultants from water damage caused once pipes thaw out and water escapes from damaged the pipework. We have seen […]

Loss Assessor Guide to Handling Your Home Insurance Claim

Handling a home insurance claim by yourself can be tricky. You need to be able to interpret the small print and figure out whether any cover exclusions and clauses apply to your particular case. Then you need to be able to understand the full extend of the damage. Remember that some damage is not obvious […]