Home Insurance Claim - Insurance Claim FormHandling a home insurance claim by yourself can be tricky. You need to be able to interpret the small print and figure out whether any cover exclusions and clauses apply to your particular case.

Then you need to be able to understand the full extend of the damage. Remember that some damage is not obvious and the contractor you call in to quote, may not have any experience in fire or water damage restoration work.

You will also have a hassle of dealing with your insurer’s loss adjuster, who will use every trick in the book to reduce or even refuse your claim.  And, if this is not all.

Your insurance company will try to delay finalising your claim, hoping that the longer you wait, the more desperate you will become, and you will accept lower settlement.

For those reasons, it is therefore always better to appoint a Public Loss Assessor, who has a lot of experience in handling similar insurance claims.

However, if for whatever reason you still prefer to handle your own claim, here are the steps you need to take if you decide to handle the insurance claim by yourself.

Home Insurance Claim Management Process Steps

  • Photograph and accurately describe all the damaged items. Include make , models and special features.
  • Find receipts where possible for the damaged items.
  • Call your insurance company and get a a claim number
  • Get a claim form to fill
  • Source and obtain 3 estimates from contractors for the required repairs. Make sure that all aspects of the repair have been covered, you cannot make a second claim later. Try to get quotations that are similar in value. The insurers will always consider the cheapest quote.
  • Complete the form as accurately as possible. Do not cross anything out. Think, before you fill it out.
  • Call your insurance company to set up appointment with their Loss Adjusters
  • Meet with a Loss Adjuster who will assess the damage (Be careful here – They will adjust the lowest price estimate and reduce the claim where they think they can apply exclusions and limitations therefore reducing the insurance companys liability).Make sure that aspects of your loss have been assessed correctly. Don’t be confrontational,  be factual and firm.
  • The insurers will give you the final settlement minus  the policy excess. They will keep a portion of your settlement back until repairs are completed and costs vouched. Don’t accept the figure if you think it is unfair. Negotiate a better deal.
  • Once the final settlement figure is agreed and approved by the insurers, you can go ahead and have the property repaired. The difference between the estimates and the actual cost of repairs will have to come from your own pocket.
  • Insurance company will re-inspect your property to ensure that the repairs have been completed.
  • They may take time to pay you out the amount retained. You need to call them and give them hard time if need be.

Need Help With Your Home Insurance Claim?

If you have changed your mind and you don’t fancy the hassle of dealing with the insurers,or facing the risk of having your claim denied,  contact us. We can take care of whole claims process from start to end.

He will be able to carry out specialised assessment and point out hidden damage areas which are not immediately obvious, but they are likely to surface after the claim has been settled and closed.  This will save you expensive repairs out of your pocket in the future .

Appointing an experienced Loss Assessor will also save you the stress and aggravation of dealing with the insurers and help you get you the full compensation you are entitled to.

Insurance Claim Solutions are Public Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Management Experts operating on your behalf with many successful claim cases under our belt. If you need help with any aspect of your claim, please contact us for a free, no obligation survey.

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We are registered as Public Loss Assessors and fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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Vincent Hanley
Vincent Hanley
13:59 22 Sep 22
I would be happy to recommend Trevor Kelly (Insurance Claim Solutions) in the event you need to make a claim on your household insurance. We recently had a serious leak in our hot water pipes and Trevor’s prompt attention was the essence of professionalism. It also took the hassle and stress out of dealing with the Insurance Company’s loss adjuster and with the pursuit of our claim. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough and would be very comfortable recommending him to family and friends.
Roger Kear
Roger Kear
10:59 04 Sep 22
The level of service that I received from Trevor Kelly was second to none. This was my first major claim with an Insurer and unsure of the process. Trevor took away all that worry. He was polite, reassuring, punctual and efficient. He dealt will all the details of the claim and completely took away all the hassle. If ever there was a service that I would recommend then it has to be Trevor Kelly. If anyone has the misfortune to make an insurance claim then the first call they should make should be to Trevor Kelly.
Eimear McBride
Eimear McBride
13:13 22 Aug 22
I would highly recommend Trevor's services. He guided me through the process from beginning to end, along with providing helpful advice along the way. He was responsive, efficient, practical and empathetic throughout.
Sherin Mathew
Sherin Mathew
16:42 18 Aug 22
Excellent service.....We went through a tough time and Trevor was there to support us... Proffessional and approachable.... Highly recommending.......
sheila hayes
sheila hayes
09:16 04 Aug 22
I used Trevor's company after I had a leak under my floor, he came recommended to me from leak detectors and the same day as I made the call Craig came out to inspect the damage and he handled everything from there on. I was very anxious as my insurance company had told me they would not cover the damage as I was causing it myself by having to dig up the floor to find the leak but Craig assured me it would be sorted. I am extremely happy with the settlement and the service from Insurance Claim Solutions. I would urge anyone in this position to contact them they take all the worries away.
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