Chip Pan Fire Claim Dublin | ICS Loss Assessor wins full compensation for client

Chip Pan Fire Insurance Claim | Our client is a landlord and has a number of properties. Our client received a call from his tenant to say that a property that she was renting had been damaged by fire.

On arrival our client found out that the damage was caused by a chip pan fire. The chip pan which was left unattended had gone on fire and caused extensive damage the entire property. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident.

We have worked with this particular landlord in the past and provided loss assessment on a number of insurance claims in various properties. We were naturally the first point of call on this occasion as we had great results in the past and were delighted with our services on previous projects.
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Chip Pan Fire Claim –  Actions taken by the ICS Loss Assessor

We carried out a detailed damage survey of the fire damage within 1 hour of receiving an instruction. We arrived on site and found that the kitchen/dining area was very badly fire damaged. We found that the rest of the property was badly affected by heavy soot and smoke deposits on all surfaces. We reported the claim as a matter of urgency and managed to have an insurance loss adjuster on site within 24 hrs.

ICS liaised with fire and smoke damage restoration specialists to ascertain the actual value of damaged items and the restoration cost to building structure and finishes damaged by fire. The specialist reports and opinions helped us in negotiating a full compensation for the loss.

Benefits of ICS managing the claim

ICS minimised the delay, inconvenience and stress to the property owner and ensured that our client received a full compensation for their loss.

ICS agreed a great settlement which covered damage to the building, contents and the loss of rental income  Our client was able to restore the property to a level that exceeded pre loss condition and re-coup the loss of rental income caused by the fire.


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