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The insurance industry uses quite a number of technical insurance terms, usually for legal resons. These terms are often not easily understood by an ordinary person.

This section clarifies the meaning of many insurance terms, often found  in policy documents and correspondence with insurance companies. This Glossary of Insurance Terms has been published by British Insurance Brokers’ Association  (


A Public Loss Assessor is an insurance professional who acts on behalf of you, the policyholder, for a fee. They work on the policy holders behalf and negotiate the best settlement and best terms following an insured peril. A loss assessor must be regulated by the Central Bank and must hold an insurance qualification.
Nugent v Smith (1876) “Natural causes directly and exclusively without human intervention and that could not have been prevented by any amount of foresight and pains and care reasonably to have been expected”.

A document setting out agreed alterations to an insurance contract. (See also endorsement).

A further premium payable by the insured as a result of policy amendment, that may have increased the risk or changed the policy conditions or sum insured.

One who investigates and assesses claims on behalf of insurers (claims adjuster or loss adjuster).

Business interruption insurance of the expected profits of a new enterprise or an extension to an existing business.

The maximum amount an insurer will pay under a policy in respect of all accumulated claims arising within a specified period of insurance.

Term used to describe insurance against loss of or damage to property arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded.

A term interchangeable with insurance but generally used in connection with life cover as assurance implies the certainty of an event and insurance the probability.

A clause in insurance policies whereby, in the event of under-insurance, the claim paid out by the insurer is restricted to the same proportion of the loss as the sum insured under the policy bears to the total value of the insured item.

Termination of a policy before it is due to expire. There may be a cancellation clause in a policy setting out the condition under which the policy may be cancelled by notice. The period of notice could be anything from 48 hours to 3 months. In most cases this will result in a return premium being paid by the insurer to the insured.

Injury or loss to the insured arising so as to cause liability to the insurer under a policy it has issued.

The common law consists of the ancient customs and usages of the land, which have been recognised by the courts and given the force of law. It is in itself a complex system of law, both civil and criminal, although it is greatly modified and extended by statute law and equity. It is unwritten, and has come down in the recorded judgements of judges who for hundreds of years have interpreted it.

An insurance company whose head office is in a member State of the European Economic Community.

Deliberate suppression by a proposer for insurance of a material fact relating to the risk, usually making the contract null and void.

Insurance of loss following direct damage e.g. loss of profits; loss of use insurance.

A document issued to the insured confirming details of the insurance cover placed. Some cover notes are a legal requirement, e.g. motor.

The specified amount a loss must exceed before a claim is payable. Only the amount which is in excess of the deductible is recoverable.

The part of a premium which, following agreement with underwriters, is payable by instalments, usually quarterly or half yearly.

Insurance by employers in respect of their liability to employees for injury or disease arising out of and in the course of their employment. With some exemptions this insurance is compulsory in Great Britain, and can only be provided by an authorised insurer.

Documentary evidence of a change in the wording of or cover offered by an existing policy or qualification of wording if the policy is written on restricted terms. (See also Addendum).

The first portion of a loss or claim which is borne by the insured. An excess can be either voluntary to obtain premium benefit or imposed for underwriting reasons

A provision in a policy that excludes the insurer’s liability in certain circumstances or for specified types of loss.

A payment made by an insurer to a policyholder where there is no legal liability so to pay.

Insurance where the sum insured is accepted to be less than the value of the property but the insurer undertakes to pay claims up to the sum insured, without application of average.

A term normally applied to gross written premiums before deduction of brokerage and discounts.

A physical or moral feature that introduces or increases the risk.
The date from which, under the terms of a policy, an insurer is deemed to be at risk.

Under a business interruption policy some cover is provided for additional expenditure incurred by the insured solely for the purpose of reducing the shortage in production following an insured event.

A principle whereby the insurer seeks to place the insured in the same position after a loss as he occupied immediately before the loss (as far as possible).

Under a business interruption insurance the period during which cover is proved for disruption to the business following the occurrence of an insured peril.

For a contract of insurance to be valid the policyholder must have an interest in the insured item that is recognised at law whereby he benefits from its safety, well being or freedom from liability and would be prejudiced by its damage or the existence of liability. This is called the insurable interest and must exist at the time the policy is taken out and at the time of the loss.

The value of the insurable interest which the insured has in the insured occurrence or event. It is the amount to be paid out by the insurer (assuming full insurance) in the event of total loss or destruction of the item insured.

An insurance intermediary who advises his clients and arranges their insurances. Although he acts as the agent of his client, he is normally remunerated by a commission (brokerage) from the insurer. An insurance broker is a full-time specialist with professional skills in handling insurance business. Since January 2005 intermediaries and brokers must be registered with, and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

A bureau established by major insurance companies to oversee the interests of policyholders whose complaints remain unsolved through normal company channels of communication.
The service is available to all those holding personal cover with the insurers who have joined the scheme. The decision of the Ombudsman is binding on the insurer, although the insured may appeal to the court if he so wishes.

The Finance Act 1994 introduced this new tax on most general insurance risks located in the UK.

The person whose property is insured or in whose favour the policy is issued.

An insurance company or Lloyd’s underwriter who, in return for a consideration (a premium). agrees to make good in a manner laid down in the policy any loss or damage suffered by the person paying the premium as a result of some accident or occurrence.

A forbearance agreement between two insurance companies designed to avoid legal action. This arrangement applies to motor vehicle policies and under it each company agrees to pay up to the limits of their respective interests for the damage to the vehicle of their own insured without regard as to who was to blame for the accident.

The non-renewal of a policy for any reason.

An illness which lies dormant for some years before manifesting itself.

The insurer’s maximum liability under an insurance, which may be expressed ‘per accident’, ‘per event’, ‘per occurrence’, ‘per annum’, etc

A Society, incorporated under Act of Parliament of 1871 and known as the Corporation of Lloyd’s, which provides the premises a wide variety of services, administrative staff and other facilities to enable the Lloyds market to carry on insurance business efficiently.

A broker approved by the Council of Lloyd’s and thereby entitled to enter the underwriting room at Lloyd’s and place business direct with underwriters. Lloyd’s brokers must meet the Council of Lloyd’s stringent requirements as to integrity and financial stability. They have to file annually with the Council of Lloyd’s a special accountant’s report concerning their financial position.

Another term for a claim.

Independent qualified loss adjusters are used by Insurers for their experience and expertise necessary to carry out detailed and in some instances prolonged investigations of complex and large losses.

Although the adjuster’s fees are invariably paid by the insurers he is an impartial professional person and makes his judgement on the amount to be paid in settlement solely on the basis of established market practice. It is his task to negotiate a settlement which is within the terms of the policy and equitable to both insured and insurer. Should he himself not be an expert in a particular discipline which is necessary or desirable to pursue his negotiations, he will consult or employ such an expert.


A person who, in return for a fee (usually a percentage of the amount claimed), acts for the claimant in negotiating the claim.

A warranty in a business interruption insurance policy stipulating that for the interruption insurance to become effective there must be a policy in force in respect of the material damage and a claim paid or admitted thereunder for such damage caused by an insured peril.

Any fact which would influence the insurer in accepting or declining a risk or in fixing the premium or terms and conditions of the contract is material and must be disclosed by a proposer, or by the insurer to the insured.

Perhaps the most common formof tort. In Blyth v Birmingham Waterworks Co. (1856) it was defined as ‘the omission to do something which a reasonable man guided by those considerations which ordinarily regulate the conduct of human affairs would do, or doing something which a prudent and reasonable man would not do’. Gives rise to civil liability.

Term variously used to mean gross premiums net of reinsurance premiums payable, or commission, brokerage, taxes, or any combination of these.

Where insurers agree to pay the cost of property lost or destroyed without deduction for depreciation.

A rebate of premium given to an insured person by an insurer where no claims have been made by that insured. Very common in motor insurance.

The failure by the insured or his broker to disclose a material fact or circumstance to the underwriter before acceptance of the risk.

The liability of a carrier to passengers.

A contingency, of fortuitous happening, which may be covered or excluded by a policy of insurance.

The period during which the insurer can incur liability under the terms of the policy.

Term used to describe contracts of insurance providing continuing benefits in the event of prolonged illness of disability.

Insurance for fixed benefits in the event of death or loss of limbs or sight by accident and/or disablement by accident or sickness. Accident and sickness may be insured together or separately.

A document detailing the terms and conditions applicable to an insurance contract and constituting legal evidence of the agreement to insure. It is issued by an insurer or his representative for the first period of risk. On renewal a new policy may well not be issued although the same conditions would apply, and the current wording would be evidence by the renewal receipt.

The person in whose name the policy is issued. ( See also insured and assured).

The consideration paid for a contract of insurance.

These policies cover the insured’s legal liability for bodily injury to persons, or loss of or damage to property caused by defects in goods (including containers) sold, supplied, erected, installed, repaired, treated, manufactured, and/or tested by the insured.

This policy protects a professional man against his legal liability towards third parties for injury, loss, or damage, arising from his own professional negligence or that of his employees.

A form sent by an insurer to a person requiring insurance so as to obtain sufficient information to allow the insurer to decide whether or not to accept a risk and what conditions to apply if it is accepted.

A statement by an insurer of the premium he will require for a particular insurance.

Making good. Where insured property is damaged, it is usual for settlement to be effected through the payment of a sum of money, but a policy may give either the insured or insurer the option to restore or rebuild instead.

The process of continuing an insurance from one period of risk to a succeeding one.

The peril insured against or an individual exposure.

The identification, measurement and economic control of risks that threaten the assets and earnings of a business or other enterprise.

A recovery of all or part of the value of an insured item on which a claim has been paid.
The insurer will normally dispose of the item and apply the proceeds to reduce the cost of the claim.

The part of a policy containing information peculiar to that particular risk. The greater part of a policy is likely to be identical for all risks within a class of business covered by the same insurer.

An alternative to a completed proposal form. A statement provided by the insurer clarifying the basis on which insurance is accepted and what conditions apply.

Presently the most important source of law is statute law, otherwise known as Acts of Parliament; which may create entirely new law, over-rule, modify, or extend existing principles of common law and equity, and repeal or modify existing Statute law

Phrase used by an insurer to signify provisional acceptance of an insurance pending inspection by a surveyor whose report is necessary to determine the rate and conditions applicable.

The maximum amount payable in the event of a claim under contract of insurance.

A person claiming against an insured. In insurance terminology the first party is the insurer and the second party is the insured.

Liability of the insured to persons who are not parties to the contract of insurance and are not employees of the insured.

The primary insurance as distinct from excess insurance.

A person who accepts business on behalf of an insurer. (See also underwriter).

Insurance contracts are contracts of utmost good faith (uberrima fides), which means that both parties to the contract have a duty to disclose, clearly and accurately, all material facts relating to the proposed insurance. Any breach of this duty by the proposer may entitle the insurer to repudiate liability.

A very strict condition in a policy imposed by an insurer. A breach entitles the insurer to deny liability.

This is the amount deducted from claims payments to allow for any depreciation in the property insured which is caused by its usage.


  1. Term used in discussion and correspondence. Where there is a dispute or negotiations for a settlement and terms are offered ‘without prejudice’ an offer so made or a letter so marked and subsequent correspondence cannot be admitted in evidence without the consent of both parties concerned.
  2. Term also used by an underwriter when paying a claim which he feels may not attach to the policy.
    This payment must not be treated as a precedent for future similar claims.

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Susan Manning
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The service provided by Trevor Kelly was exceptional. He is... professional, experienced and efficient. The claim was managed entirely by Trevor so I had no worries about completing documents and providing the Insurance Company with the appropriate details. Trevor was recommended to me by a family member who had an equally positive experience. I in turn am entirely happy to recommend Trevor to everyone in my circle of family friends and acquaintances Susan Manningread more
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Una Henshaw
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I would highly recommend Insurance Claim Solutions. Trevor... was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad he was. He dealt with all aspects of my claim in a very professional manner and I was very happy with the outcome. He was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Trevorread more
Brenda Rogan
Brenda Rogan
10:11 08 Oct 21
Trevor Kelly is the ultimate professional who carried out a... thorough survey after we experienced a leak in our home. In advance of engaging his service, he offered his opinion on the matter and walked us through the claim process and the impact to our no claims bonus should we proceeded. He addressed our concerns in all regards whilst turning what otherwise would have been a stressful situation into a much less cumbersome and simple experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trevor and more
Peter McParland
Peter McParland
16:13 28 Sep 21
Very professional service delivered by Trevor at Insurance... Claims Solutions. Very streamlined and simple service. Pleasure to deal more
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Stephen Ruigrok
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I would highly recommend the services of Insurance Claims... Solutions. Very professional, 5 Star service. Thank you more
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Gavin Regan
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I would highly recommend the services of Insurance Claims... Solutions. Trevor was excellent and handled our claim in such a professional manner. Trevor took the stress out of the whole experience. Thanks more
Maria Creighton
Maria Creighton
09:32 02 Sep 21
Insurance Claim Solutions took away all the stress when... storm damage caused disaster with our roof causing water to leak into our house from the first time meeting Trevor he put us at ease with his friendly nature explaining everything to us from start to finish he dealt completely with our home insurance company and couldn’t be happier with the outcome I highly recommend Trevor at Insurance Claims Solutions very professional service👏👏read more
Aine Magee
Aine Magee
15:36 11 Aug 21
Trevor dealt with a claim I had in relation to leaking... techtite fittings in my house. He was very professional and efficient. And he dealt with all in timely manner when involved. I would very much recommend his services. Thanks more
Deirdre Walls
Deirdre Walls
14:04 10 Aug 21
Trevor was recommended to me by a friend and I am very... grateful he was. It was the first time I have had to make an insurance claim and Trevor's guidance and expertise in this area was invaluable. I would highly recommend him. He was professional and personable and myself and my family are very grateful for his more
Andrew Mathews
Andrew Mathews
17:17 22 Jun 21
Insurance Claim Solutions are an excellent professional... service. I would highly recommend Trevor as he is experienced, knowledgable and very professional. The service is fantastic and stress free. Thank you more
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Gisela Walsh
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Clodagh Kennedy
Clodagh Kennedy
14:45 01 Jun 21
Very good service from start to finish. We had water... damage to our recently re-decorated home, we were distraught and stressed. A neighbor of ours recommended Trevor to us. Trevor’s expertise and familiarity of processing a claim took this daunting task to a calmer level, we were delighted with the outcome of our settlement. We highly recommend contacting this company should one be faced with a similar unfortunate situation, it’s five stars from us. Clodagh Kennedy, Co. more
Conor Murray
Conor Murray
08:03 15 May 21
We recently had the nightmare situation of a burst heating... pipe in the concrete slab of our house. Trevor was recommended to us by a friend and we were delighted we contacted him. From his first survey of the damage to settling the claim took about 4 weeks. Trevor took all the stress out of having to negotiate our way through an insurance claim. He told us at the start to trust him, and we were so glad we did, Thank you Trevor, I will be recommending you in the more
Peter O Brien
Peter O Brien
21:38 12 May 21
Trevor was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was very... professional and knew exactly what he was talking about. He made the whole process very easy and kept us informed throughout. Would highly recommend Trevor. Thanks more
James Darley
James Darley
13:34 28 Apr 21
We had a leak in our Kitchen and Utility Room and contacted... a firm to fix it during discussions with the owner of the Company with regard to making an Insurance Claim he suggested we should employ Insurance Claim Solutions owned by Trevor Kelly and boy are we glad we did. We never realized how much was involved in making a claim. After we met Trevor and discussed his fees etc he then proceeded to do all the work for us with the Insurance Company. He also put us in contact with a Company that will be able to do all the work for us. Trevor negotiated a very fair settlement with the Insurance Company and took so much pressure off us and his fee was very reasonable for all the work involved.Trevor kept us in the loop at all times and we cannot thank him enough. Would absolutely recommend Trevor 100per cent .read more
susan murphy
susan murphy
12:32 28 Apr 21
Trevor was a pleasure to deal with. He was very... professional at a difficult time in his own personal life. Without Trevor we would have never received a good settlement. I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor. Again thank youread more
Samantha Coombes
Samantha Coombes
11:26 07 Apr 21
We had an extremely bad leak in our home, which was very... stressful. We contacted Insurance Claim Solutions and dealt with Trevor. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and cordial. He always answered our phone calls and texts promptly, which helped alleviate the stress and we are so grateful for all his help in a bad situation. I would highly recommend Trevor and ICS, without more
Brian Tighe
Brian Tighe
11:49 02 Apr 21
Trevor made it all very easy when making my claim to... insurance after gas boiler blew and considerable water damage resulted. Good to get someone knowledgeable on your side. My first time claiming from more
Amanda Charters
Amanda Charters
14:36 23 Mar 21
We had a flood in our house a year ago. We contacted Trevor... and he assured us that he could still help even though our situation was slightly different in that the damage from the flood only became visible in the last few months. We gave Trevor all the details and he took over our case dealing with the insurance company. He kept us informed throughout the various stages of the claim and assured us all was progressing well. Within three weeks the claim was processed and we can now proceed with fixing the damage. He took all the stress away from dealing with Insurance Companies. I'm so glad we contacted Trevor, he's very friendly. honest and professional. I can't recommend Trevor highly more
Ali Safdar
Ali Safdar
23:18 15 Mar 21
Would highly recommend Insurance claim solutions. I have... used Trevor services after having a Fire Damage in my house.Trevor is brilliant. He took all the stress of dealing with my insurance claim and handled everything from day one professionally and efficiently keeping me updated the entire process. And managed to get money for accommodation straight away.Trevor is excellent at his job and I can highly recommend him to anyone with a property damage insurance claim.Thanks again for all your more
Kenneth Hills
Kenneth Hills
12:33 27 Jan 21
Trevor (Insurance Claim Solutions) provided us with a... highly professional and friendly service throughout the claims process. He came highly recommended and we can see why. We had extensive damage caused due to a burst pipe in our boiler which occured only days before Christmas. Trevor responded to our urgent request to assess and submit a claim on our behalf. He took all the hassle and stress out of managing this claim ourselves. His expertise was invaluable in being able to identify all issues and to negotiate with our insurers to ensure all damages were accounted for. Thanks again more
Cynthia Kennedy
Cynthia Kennedy
10:21 22 Jan 21
Excellent service. I cannot recommend Claims Solutions... highly enough. We had a lot of water damage to our home. Trevor was so professional in the way he handled our case from start to finish. He took took the stress out of it completely for us. He was excellent at communicating everything to us. The whole process was completed very quickly. Thank you more
Tim O'Sullivan
Tim O'Sullivan
10:20 11 Jan 21
Trevor is an insurance claims expert and came highly... recommended. He didn't disappoint! After we had a fire at our premises we found ourselves to be under insured. We expected to have to pay for a considerable portion of the rebuild cost but Trevor managed to secure a settlement that covered the rebuild. Excellent work Trevor. Thank you!read more
Terence Herron
Terence Herron
14:39 05 Jan 21
Trevor is a true professional: efficient, thorough,... dedicated and trustworthy. He took care of all dealings with the insurance company. He managed the whole process in a positive, friendly and stress-free way. Highly more
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy
15:47 23 Dec 20
I was fortunate enough to come across Trevor in what was an... incredibly stressful time, having suffered severe flooding in my home. Trevor, was incredibly helpful, and acted without delay. Trevor, is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge in his field, who provides exceptional customer service. A true master in his field. Therefore, I would highly recommend Trevor without any more
Shauna Parle
Shauna Parle
09:47 27 Nov 20
Trevor was extremely helpful and provided an excellent... service throughout the entire process. He really worked to ensure the claims process was as stress free for me as possible by handling all of it on my behalf. I would have been lost without his service after such a traumatic event, couldn’t recommend him more
22:08 26 Nov 20
I would like to recommend Trevor Kelly for handling my... claim after I had a leak in the house which caused a lot of water damage. He took control and dealt with every aspect of the claim and made the whole experience stress free. I didn’t have to deal with the Insurance company at all, I just handed Trevor the forms and he took care of everything. I found Trevor very helpful and friendly all though the process and once again I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend more
Katherine Lyons
Katherine Lyons
21:45 25 Nov 20
Trevor was very professional and experienced. His... expertise made the whole process go smoothly. He made sure I was informed and put at ease from our very first conversation. I must have thanked him 100 times, it is hard enough to deal with the damage and emotions without having to deal with the stress of the claim also. I will be recommending him to family and friends with confidence. Quick and Professional service. I am delighted with my more
Siobhain Tuckey
Siobhain Tuckey
10:06 25 Nov 20
I cannot thank Trevor enough for all his assistance with a... claim on my dads house. He made the process so simply and organized everything. Trevor was easy to work with and excellent at communicating so we understood the process at all times. I would highly recommend working with Trevor in relation to any insurance claims!read more
Natasha Smith Menton
Natasha Smith Menton
21:53 21 Oct 20
I contacted Trevor on behalf of an elderly family member... who had a leak resulting in water damage in his house. Trevor reassured me from the very first call that I was doing the right thing by using his service. He was extremely professional and very thorough in his assessment. We didn't have to fill out any hefty paper work or bounce back and forth with the insurance company. Trevor took care of all that. I couldn't believe how quickly it was processed and settled. Amazing work Trevor. We can't thank you enough for the time and effort that you put in. We can concentrate on the repairs now 👍read more
Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll
18:38 16 Oct 20
Trevor Kelly was referred to me by our insurance broker... after complications arose with our claim for water damage to our home. Trevor was not only extremely thorough and experienced with his advice but was also helpful, kind and compassionate. He alleviated so much of the stress endured by the situation by handling absolutely everything for us.Without Trevor's expertise, our claim which was initially declined would never have been approved. His advise was fundamental to the success of our claim, which surpassed all our expectations financially. Thank you so much Trevor for all your wonderful work, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone who might need more
Louise Cleary
Louise Cleary
12:25 15 Oct 20
I could not recommend Trevor Kelly enough. I was so... stressed out trying to deal with an insurance claim for the first time. Upon recommendation, I contacted Trevor and it was the best decision ever. Thanks to his professionalism, his calming nature, his re-assuring words to me and also to his in depth knowledge of the business, I was able to leave all dealings with my insurance company to him knowing that I was in very capable and safe hands. Thank you again Trevor for looking after me so very more
Lucas Vazquez
Lucas Vazquez
18:11 14 Sep 20
Trevor is one of those really good professionals you are... lucky to cross paths in live. An absolute gentleman from day one , he took all pressure and made it so easy ( it was our first insurance claim ever) .Trevor many thanks for your help! There is not way for thanking you enough and it is being a pleasure to meet you. High recommend to anyone whos in the mist of an insurance claim.! ( nev and lucas, dublin )read more
Riona Mc Grath
Riona Mc Grath
20:35 07 Sep 20
The whole experience was so efficient, easy and honestly... made what should have been an ordeal into a positive experience! Trevor went above and beyond and worth his weight in gold. I would highly recommend Insurance Claims solutions to anyone facing into a claim!read more
Allish Oconnor
Allish Oconnor
20:34 04 Apr 20
Thank you Trevor so much for all your help with my recent... insurance claim. Trevor looked after all paperwork and communication with my insurance company. The claim was processed very efficiently and was totally stress free for me, considering that we had a serious leak in the house. Trevor actually recommended a builder to complete the work and we are extremely satisfied with the job. Do not hesitate to contact Trevor if you find yourself in the need of accessing your insurance! All the best more
Mar O'Donoghue
Mar O'Donoghue
13:08 30 Mar 20
Excellent service. Very difficult case arising due to water... egress from damaged pipe work causing significant subsidence. Insurers attempted to frustrate the claim, without Trevor's help we would never have been able to navigate the claims process successfully. We are forever grateful and would never attempt a home insurance claim again without engaging Trevor first. We cannot recommend his services strongly more
Antoinette Tierney
Antoinette Tierney
19:18 20 Mar 20
Thanks a million @insurance_claim_solutions_ for looking... after my mam and dad insurance claim after a flood wrecked their bathroom and sitting room. Thank you Trevor for making sure she got fixed up even after the job was finished they would have had no idea how to claim and probably would have left it without claiming, and you took over everything for them. They now have a beautiful wet room which is a godsend to my elderly parents I would highly recommend you in the future and have passed your number on. Thanks again for making a huge difference to their lives greatly appreciated From Antoinetteread more
Miryam Harris
Miryam Harris
09:36 21 Feb 20
Trevor was recommended by our neighbour when we had a water... leak before Christmas. He was just amazing from start to finish and took the hassle way from us having to deal with the insurance company.At all times he was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.The whole process was seamless from start to finish.I would highly recommend Trevor from Insurance Claims Solutions to more
Fidelma Heeney
Fidelma Heeney
14:27 20 Feb 20
Trevor assisted with a claim due to a flood which caused... quite an amount of damage to the property. His calm knowledgeable presence reassured me throughout the process. His professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional and nothing got overlooked. I cannot say enough positive things about his way of working and cannot recommend him highly more
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